WODs for the Week of 11/1

 CFE Erikbass pro


CFS Athletes Kristie Rogge and Angie Belk bring “The Running Church” across the finish line for a third straight FIRST PLACE FINISH in the Bass Pro Mercy Marathon Relay!!!

Congratulations, Ladies!!!


CFE BP Relay                                        CFE Charles

Congrats to ALL of our CFS/CFE athletes!!!

This Week’s WODs

Short Interval (Mon 5pm):  “Tosh” – 3 Rounds – Run 200, Run 400, Run 600; 1:1 work:rest ratio (rest as long as it takes to run the distance)

C2:  “Tosh”– 3 Rounds — Row 250, 500, 750; 1:1 work:rest ratio (rest as long as it takes to run the distance)

Long Interval (Thurs 5pm):  2 x 2 mile TT with 5:00 rest between efforts

C2:  2 x 2 mile TT row with 5:00 rest between efforts

CFE Adam Jen

THIS guy paced his 2:20 Half Marathon group to a 2:19:30 finish!!! WOW! Nice work, Adam Irvin!


1. Our fall schedule has changed. Join us for the evening WODs Mondays and Thursdays at 5pm!

2. PLEASE…WITHOUT FAIL…sign-in to Wodify when you attend CFE class! This is how we track attendance, but more importantly, you should really aim to keep up with your progress cycle to cycle!

3. Like our Facebook page, “CrossFit Running”, for up-to-the-minute information and updates

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