WODs for the Week of 11/15

Announcing…BRING (or DRAG)-A-FRIEND TO CFE! 🙂

Beginning tomorrow, November 16th, we’re looking forward to welcoming some *NEW* faces to CFE! Why is this such a great time to try it?? LOTS of reasons! Here’s a few FAQs (and answers) to fill you in…

Q: I hate running. Why on Earth should I come to CFE, since I hate running? (Did I mention I hate running?)

Wow. We’ve never heard that one before. 😉 Actually, we don’t all love running, every second of every day. Running is HARD! However, as CrossFitters, we all appreciate that the benefits of Endurance training, when used in conjunction with the regularly-programmed WODs are undeniable. In his recent book, Unbreakable Runner, CrossFit Endurance Founder Brian Mackenzie descibes CFE training as an effective adjunct to CrossFit’s intent to “develop high levels of fitness and health, and an all-around athleticism.” He further suggests that by following the CFE method, we can expect–among other things–increased explosive power and speed. Mackenzie’s program utilizes low-volume, high-intensity training. The resultant take-away for our athletes, then, is to not only increase skill and efficiency with respect to running, but to also translate those gains to our overall performance in the gym.
Plus? Running is functional! I mean, you’re not gonna BURPEE away from a bear that’s chasing you… 🙂


Q:  But…all you crazy peeps do is run back and forth, and run marathons. I want to lift WEIGHTS!!! RAWWWRRR!!

You are funny. We lift weights, too! Coach Chad often combines strength and/or metcons in our programming. With regard to marathons–we don’t all do that, either. We do, however, have MAD RESPECT for those of us who DO!!! Remember, the beauty of CFE is in its intention–and that is to compliment what you’re already doing in the gym. Stronger legs build bigger lifts. Increased lung capacity builds better metcon performance. So to answer your question–yes. Sometimes we run back and forth. There’s a method, though, to that madness. Our classes are structured according to short and long-interval format. Monday nights are for sprinting! Short interval night builds that explosive power and speed mentioned above. You’ll see the benefits from these workouts during WODs like “Fran”–that dirty girl we all love to hate. Thursdays are for running long(er)! Don’t worry–not too long. Just long enough to take your metabolism to a different level–forcing your body to function effectively utilizing differing oxidative pathways. Sound familiar? It’s CROSSFIT! Thursday nights prepare you to soldier on during that chipper WOD–versus crashing, burning, and running out of steam. Thursday nights–are all about that bass PACE!

Q: What else do you do, besides run???

That’s easy!!
We…make human pyramids!  
CFE Frogger                                         
We…party at the WODDYs!!!

cfe woddys

We share our best training runs…and our not-so-best training runs!
We…decorate ourselves for Christmas!    🙂          
CFE Christmasapp
We…race, and race, and RACE!!!
CFE Culligan Half  CFE David
CFE DW start  CFE Chad IM Finish

We…take selfies! #duh

But the BEST part is??? We…have FUN!!!

Now is a GREAT time to try CFE!

This week’s WODs are a standard, benchmark measure of our abilities. Each 12-week CFE cycle ends with the ‘CrossFit Endurance Total.’ Join us this week, and get a good baseline gauge of where you stand. Then? Commit to the cycle, and be AMAZED at how your overall CF capacity improves thoughout!

#dontbescared 🙂

This Week’s WODs

‘CrossFit Endurance Total’

Short Interval (Mon 5pm): 200m TT*, 400m TT, 800m TT, 1600m TT; rest FIVE FULL minutes between efforts

C2**:  250m Row TT, 500m Row TT, 1000m Row TT, 1600m Row TT; rest FIVE FULL minutes between efforts

Long Interval (Thurs 5pm):  5K TT

C2:  Row 5K TT

Key:  *TT=time trial–your very best, all out effort     **C2=alternate WOD to be performed on rower (for example: in the event injury or weather prevents your from running outside)

2015 Paris Marathon #notafraid


1. It’s getting dark outside! Please refrain from wearing all black to CFE so you don’t get smooshed! 🙂

2. Follow our facebook page, ‘CrossFit Running’, for up-to-the-minute updates!

3. CFE Athletes…bring a friend to CFE!!!


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