WODs for the Week of 11/22

  Happy Thanksgiving, CFE!!!

Bring (or DRAG)-a-friend to CFE continues this week!

Monday’s short interval is a classic, time trial effort, that is sure to test your mental fortitude. Bring a pal…then join us at the start line of the TURKEY TROT bright and early Thursday morning!

This Week’s WODs

Short Interval (Mon 5pm): 4 x 400m TT with 5:00 rest between efforts (TT=all-out efforts)

C2:  4 x 500m TT Row with 5:00 rest between efforts

Long Interval (Thurs–no class–it’s Thanksgiving!):  TURKEY TROT 5K!!! 🙂

C2:  Get off the rower and run with your pals!!!

CFE Summer Woddys

The WODDYs are coming!!!

Get your tickets at the CFS Front Desk!


1. It’s getting dark outside! Please refrain from wearing all black to CFE so you don’t get smooshed! 🙂

2. Follow our facebook page, ‘CrossFit Running’, for up-to-the-minute updates!

3. CFE Athletes…bring a friend to CFE!!!

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