WODs for the Week of 2/28

This Week’s WODs *Cycle N/Week 3 of 12* Short Interval (Mon 5pm): “Short Tosh” – 3 Rounds (400 Meters, 200 Meters, 100 Meters) Work: Rest is 1:1 C2: “Short Tosh” – 3 Rounds (400 Meters, 200 Meters, 100 Meters) Work: Rest is 1:1 Long Interval (Thurs 5pm): 5 x 1000 with 3:00 rest between efforts   C2: 5 xContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 2/28”

WODs for the Week of 2/21

CrossFit IS…Community. From the bottom of my heart…I would like to thank each and every one of you who mini-MIGHTY HERO WOD’d for little Ava on Thursday. Thank you for working your hardest, smiling at, laughing with, and encouraging one another, bringing gifts, leaving heartfelt remarks for the Khalipas, pledging to take it a stepContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 2/21”

WODs for the Week of 2/14

“Ava Will Win.”  This week, we will come together as a community to support little Ava Khalipa, four-year-old daughter of CrossFit Games Champion, Athlete, and all-around good man Jason Khalipa.   A few weeks ago, Ava was diagnosed with Leukemia, and is currently undergoing intensive treatment and chemotherapy at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in theirContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 2/14”

WODs for the Week of 2/7

CROSSFIT ENDURANCE TOTAL!!! This is Week 12 of 12 in our current CFE cycle! That means…next week, we start a WHOLE NEW 12-week cycle! We’ve got LOTS in store for you…so grab your friends and lace up your fast shoes! SPRING is just around the corner!!! This Week’s WODs Cycle M/Week 12 of 12–CrossFit Endurance Total! ShortContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 2/7”