WODs for the Week of 2/7


CFE spring training

This is Week 12 of 12 in our current CFE cycle! That means…next week, we start a WHOLE NEW 12-week cycle!

We’ve got LOTS in store for you…so grab your friends and lace up your fast shoes! SPRING is just around the corner!!!

This Week’s WODs

Cycle M/Week 12 of 12–CrossFit Endurance Total!

Short Interval (Mon 5pm): Time Trials–200m, 400m, 800m, 1600m; rest 5:00 between efforts

**Time trials are all-out efforts

C2: Time Trials–250m, 500m, 1000m, 1600m Row; rest 5:00 between efforts

Long Interval (Thurs 5pm):  5K Time Trial

C2: 5K Row Time Trial


1. Next Week!!! Join us next Thursday @5pm for a mini-mighty-HERO WOD, in support of Ava Khalipa! More details to come on the CrossFit Running Facebook page this week!

2. It’s getting dark outside! Please refrain from wearing all black to CFE so you don’t get smooshed! 🙂

3. Follow our facebook page, ‘CrossFit Running’, for up-to-the-minute updates!

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