WODs for the Week of 4/24

As CrossFitters, we all know and understand the concept of ‘constantly varied’, and have come to embrace it in our daily training. We understand that in CrossFit, we specialize in not specializing…and we aspire to become well-rounded and conditioned athletes by way of this philosophy.

At CrossFit Endurance, we aim to bridge your ability to perform at your maximum potential–on and off the gym floor. Your intent focus on PR’ing your lifts on the gym floor involves attention to detail–mechanics, technique, and drills. The same can be said on the back lot, where the same attention to detail vastly improves your capacity to run (and WOD) harder and smarter! Combining your weekly CrossFit WODs with weekly CrossFit Endurance programming maximizes your potential in both realms.
Therefore, it comes as no surprise that in the past couple of years, many CrossFit Games competitors have sought to increase their aerobic capacity and overall performance by way of incorporating CrossFit Endurance into their training plans. Many of them have turned to no other, than Chris Hinshaw–an experienced, accomplished triathlete who himself is a CrossFitter. Hinshaw has recently developed a new CrossFit Specialty Course entitled ‘Aerobic Capacity’ and coaches Endurance for Norcal CrossFit, as well as individual athletes including Jason Khalipa, Rich Froning, Julie Foucher, and Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet among others.
Hinshaw’s programming aims to improve aerobic capacity, by focusing on varying principles (as described below, via his website http://aerobiccapacity.com)…
Aerobic Threshold:  Steady workouts at a moderate intensity to develop fuel efficiency, muscular skeleton system, and aerobic endurance
Lactate Threshold:  Higher volume workouts with longer distance intervals at higher “threshold” intensities with less rest between reps and/or sets
VO2 Max:  Lower volume workouts, shorter distance intervals at higher intensities, and more rest between reps and/or sets
Speed Endurance:  Very low volume workouts with interval distances less than 60 second extremely high intensities. Used to recruit fast-twitch fibers and force them to develop endurance. Full recovery between reps and/or sets.
Strength Endurance:  Low volume workouts with high intensity intervals that include various explosive movements to recruit and develop your fast twitch muscle fibers.

So what does this mean for you? In short–we’re planning to change things up a bit for this next 12-week cycle. Over the next two weeks (beginning tomorrow), we will be testing PRs for particular distances, so that for future weeks’ programming, you will come to class with a goal and a plan.

  • We will utilize your tested PRs, goals, and demonstrated progress to provide specific, individualized, VARIED pacing and framework for each structured workout

  • We will vary our programming to best support the development of your overall athletic performance–both on the gym floor and in the back lot; it will be much of the same that we’ve been doing–but with very specific intentions and pacing goals for each WOD

  • We will aim to prepare you to succeed in all aspects of your competitive endeavors–whether it be HOA, Dogwood Canyon, an upcoming road race or triathlon, and especially the daily WODs themselves! Trust us…you’re GONNA be a better CrossFitter!

  • We plan to challenge you by incorporating endurance-biased HERO WODs every third Thursday of the month

  • We will begin publishing scale modifications for each WOD, so that those of you who are new(er) to Endurance will know how to modify the workload as necessary–just as you do on the gym floor

  • We will provide a way for you to easily track your progress through the cycle by way of named WODs in WODIFY  (you’re welcome, Jerry :)) and an updated whiteboard in the back corner –so you can easily scope your goals and PRs at a glance

    ** We tested the first short-interval WOD for the new cycle today, and HO-LEE COW!!! You’re gonna LOVE it!! 🙂 Get ready to take your endurance and overall CF performance to a WHOLE new level!!! We’re SO excited to share this with you, and see you grow by leaps and bounds over the next twelve weeks!  ~Jen C, Allison, and BRice

This Week’s WODs

*Cycle N/Week 11 of 12*

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):

Time Trial Testing:  400m (record best of TWO efforts, rest 3:00 between each effort)

WOD:  9 Hill Repeats (Over =1, Back =2), 21 Burpees, 6 Hill Repeats, 15 Burpees, 3 Hill Repeats, 9 Burpees

C2:  9 x 300 with 30 sec rest between efforts, 21 burpees, 6 x 300 with 30 sec rest between efforts, 15 burpees, 3 x 300 with 30 second rest between efforts, 9 burpees

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):

Time Trial Testing:  800m (record best of TWO efforts, rest 5:00 between each effort)

WOD:  2 x 1200 (rest 3:00 between efforts, hold 6-8 seconds*)

*30 burpee penalty for falling out, to be completed immediately post-WOD

C2:  4 x 1200 with 3:00 rest between efforts, hold 6-8 seconds*)

*30 burpee penalty for falling out, to be completed immediately post-WOD


1. NEXT WEEK…we’ll be time trial testing the 1600m! Don’t miss it!

2. The 2nd Annual CFE BBQ is right around the corner! I’m not even making you run this year!! 🙂Instead…prepare yourselves a little friendly competition. #BADMINTONTOURNAMENT #BRINGIT

3. Follow our facebook page, ‘CrossFit Running’, for up-to-the-minute updates!

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