WODs for the Week of 7/24

The Sun Sets on Another AMAZING Games Season!

photos courtesy of The CrossFit Games

Katrin Davidsdottir and Mathew Fraser…FITTEST ON EARTH!!!

This Week’s WODs

*Cycle O/Week 12 of 12*

Short Interval (Monday 5:30pm):  TIME TRIAL TESTING–1 mile


“Big Wednesday”–

5 Rounds: run 200m at FAST pace, 30 sec rest, run 300m at FAST pace, 100m walk

Total Distance:    3000m      Scoring:   WOD is for total time, minus the last 100m walk

WOD Notes:  Maximize your recovery during the 30 second rest period, after the 200m interval. Take deep, easy breaths. Focus on getting your heart rate down. No sitting!

WOD Math:  Your target pace in this workout is your *NEW* mile PR pace! (Yep–we’re putting it right to work!) For example, if your mile PR is 6:40, you would target a 200m time of 50sec, and a 300m time of 75sec.

*Please figure your pace(s) PRIOR to coming to class! You WILL NEED a watch!

Long Interval (Thursday 5:30pm):   TIME TRIAL TESTING–400m


“Victory Lap”–

1200m moderate pace, 200m very slow recovery jog, 400m FAST, rest 3:00

1000m moderate pace, 200m very slow recovery jog, 400m FAST, rest 3:00

800m moderate pace, 200m very slow recovery jog, 400m FAST, rest 3:00

600m moderate pace, 200m very slow recovery jog, 400m FAST, DONE!

Total Distance:  6000m     Scoring:  WOD is for total time

WOD Notes:  This workout’s focus is on developing general aerobic endurance. Your moderate pace should be 75-80% of your max effort, or a 2-3 sentence conversational pace. The intensity focus should be on the 400s. The 400s are NOT sprints. The 400s are sustained efforts that will teach a strong finish. Focus on your form. Enjoy the recovery jogs.

Rich Froning and CrossFit Mayhem Freedom–REPEAT CHAMPS!


  1. Next week begins a BRAND NEW cycle!! WOOT! Make sure you’ve got all your shiny new PR paces at the ready! We’ll be re-testing some of last cycle’s WODs, for comparison’s sake.
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