WODs for the Week of 8/7

Soooo…Yeah. Enjoying this weather??

We’re gonna have a little mercy on you this Thursday, and have chosen a long interval WOD that doesn’t have a specific, prescribed pace. Listen to your body, and figure out what “moderate” means for you…on Thursday.  🙂

Don’t be too hard on yourselves about meeting your paces in this heat and humidity. As long as we see that you’re giving it your all–we’re happy coaches. Fight the good fight, but live to run another day.

–Jen C, BRice, and Allison

This Week’s WODs

*Cycle P/Week 2 of 12*

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):  “Bombolini”

3 sets:  500m FAST run, 200m recovery jog, 100m sprint. No rest between intervals. Rest 5:00 between sets.

Methodology:      VO2 Max           Scoring:  WOD is for total time

WOD Notes—ALL your attention should be on your opening 500m interval. Pick an aggressive pace for your first set, and then repeat this pace for sets two and three.

WOD Math—This WOD has three different paces. Your 500m pace must be faster than your mile PR pace, but slower than your 400m PR pace. Your 100m sprint pace must be equal to or faster than your 400m PR pace. Use your 200m recovery jog in order to hit your 100m pace goal.

*Please figure your pacing PRIOR to coming to class! You WILL NEED a watch!

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):  “Whirlpool”

1 x 1600m, 4 x 100m

1 x 1200m, 3 x 100m

1 x 800m, 2 x 100m

1 x 4oom, 1 x 100m

*100m walking rest after all reps*–For example:  Run 1600, walk 100, run 100, walk 100, run 100, walk 100, run 100, walk 100, run 100, walk 100m, run 1200m, etc.

Methodology:  Lactate Threshold              Total Distance:    5000m                 Scoring:  WOD is for total time, minus the final 100m walk

WOD Notes–The intervals in this WOD get easier and easier because the distance gets shorter and shorter. Therefore, the opening 1600m needs to be attacked with confidence. Pick an aggressive pace that gives you a little anxiety about sustaining for the entire workout. The key to making this workout successful is having confidence with your ability to hang onto this pace.

WOD Math–Every interval should be performed at the same “moderate” pace


“This heat? It’s ruff.”


  1. It’s a BRAND NEW cycle!! WOOT! Make sure you’ve got all your shiny new PR paces at the ready! If you haven’t re-tested your 400m, 800m, and mile PR times…get BUSY!:)
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