WODs for the Week of 8/21

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This Week’s WODs

*Cycle P/Week 4 of 12*

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):  “CFE Triple Decker”

21 calorie Assault Bike (goal 60-65 seconds), 21 calorie row, 125m walk, 100m run, 90 second recovery rest

18 calorie Assault Bike (goal 45-50 seconds), 18 calorie row, 125m walk, 200m run, 90 second recovery rest

15 calorie Assault Bike (goal 30-35 seconds), 15 calorie row, 125m walk, 300m run, 2:00 recovery rest

12 calorie Assault Bike (goal 15-20 seconds), 12 calorie row, 125m walk, 400m run, 2:00 recovery rest

9 calorie Assault Bike (goal 12-15 seconds), 9 calorie row, 125m walk, 500m run

Methodology:     Aerobic Threshold-ish         Total Distance:      1500m running

Scoring:     WOD is for total time

WOD Notes—This WOD is primarily Aerobic Threshold, in that it provides a bit more rest than would typically be allowed. This is mainly in transition, however, so use these graceful recovery periods to your advantage. You will be in transit, inside for the bike/row for each of the recovery rests, and walking to the CFE start line from indoors (hence the 125m walking distance–yep, BRice measured it.) 🙂 The Assault Bike calories are all-out effort, ideally in the timeframes provided. The row does not have an assigned time domain. Use it as a relative recovery, but maintain consistency in your pace.

WOD Math—The run pacing is based on your mile PR time. Go to http://www.coolrunning.com to find your equivalent mile PR pace times for each of the five distances. *Please figure your pacing PRIOR to coming to class! You WILL NEED a watch! Really push to hit these goal times. If you’re falling long, look to your recovery–and fix it!

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):  “Ipanema”

600m at moderate pace, 200m FAST pace

3:00 rest

500m at moderate pace, 200m FAST pace

3:00 rest

400m at moderate pace, 200m FAST pace

3:00 rest

300m at moderate pace, 200m FAST pace

3:00 rest

200m at moderate pace, 200m FAST pace

3:00 rest

100m at moderate pace, 200m FAST pace


Methodology:      Lactate Threshold                Total Distance:         3300m              Scoring:  Record only your 200m intervals for this WOD (6×200)

WOD Notes–All of your FAST intervals must be at your mile *goal* speed or faster. Slow your moderate speed as needed to maintain your mile goal speed.

WOD Math–The pace for the opening interval is always at the same moderate intensity. The moderate intensity should feel sustainable. Target a controlled speed for your first interval. A good target speed would be approximately 3 sec/100m slower than your 1 mile PR speed. For example: an athlete with a 6:00/mile PR (or an average of 22.5 sec/100m) would target an opening moderate pace of 25.5 sec/100m.

Your closing 200m intervals in each set are at a FAST intensity. The FAST intensity should be equivalent to your mile *GOAL SPEED*, not your current mile PR!

Mandy and I before the half marathon. I had no idea what to expect and was still pretty happy. It poured rain just before this but only drizzled during the whole race. Notice they put your name on the race bib - cool when people cheer for you by name! #run #prerace #madison #wisconsin #madisonminimarathon #before #13.1

 SHE DID IT!!!! Congratulations to Ellen and her friend, Mandy, for completing the Madison, WI half marathon this weekend! We are SO proud of you, Ellen! We knew you could do it! 🙂


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