WODs for the Week of 9/11

 We Will Never Forget.    09/11/01

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This Week’s WODs

*Cycle P/Week 7 of 12*

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm): “9/11”

1700m, 1300m, 900m, 500m with 5:00 rest between reps

Methodology:     Lactate Threshold        Total Distance:      4400m         Scoring:     WOD is for total time

WOD Notes—Every interval alternates between a 200m easy jog, and a 200m FAST run, with the final 100m of each interval at MAX EFFORT.

For example (for the 900m interval):  200m easy/200m FAST/200m easy/200m FAST/100m MAX EFFORT.

WOD Math—This workout has three paces. Your FAST pace should equal your mile PR pace. Your easy jog pace should be familiar by now–find that and use it to your advantage for optimal “recovery.” The focus of this workout are those last 100m for each interval–give these your absolute best effort!

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):  “Vantage Point”

Run 2000m at easy/moderate pace

Rest 4:00

Run 400m at FAST pace

Rest 4:00

Run 1600m at easy/moderate pace

Rest 4:00

Run 400m at FAST pace

Run 1200m at easy/moderate pace

Methodology:      Aerobic Threshold        Total Distance:      5600m         Scoring:    WOD is for total time

WOD Notes–(from aerobiccapacity.com) “The key to this workout is the easy/moderate pace. Although I’d prefer an aggressive opening 2000m pace, I certainly understand any volume concerns with these long intervals. That said, pick a more conservative pace and then get progressively faster as the interval distances get shorter.”

WOD Math–The FAST pace should target your mile PR pace.


Congrats to Cam and the Ozark Junior High Boys on their 1st Place finish in last week’s first Cross Country meet of the season! GO Tigers!!! 🙂


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