WODs for the Week of 9/18


Now Presenting…Coach Allison’s Beach WOD!!

This Week’s WODs

*Cycle P/Week 8 of 12*

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm): “Caribbean”

4 Rounds for Time:

15/12 Calories Assault Bike (time goal <60 sec)

Prowler sled push 50m  (4×45/2×45 and 2×25)

Rest 3:00

2 x 100m HOT (90% effort)–rest 1:00 between efforts

Rest 5:00 between rounds

Methodology:     Speed/Strength Endurance                 Scoring:     WOD is for total time

WOD Notes—This WOD is designed to recruit those fast twitch muscle fibers! Your efforts for each component of this workout should be intense–they should push you to your limit.

WOD Math—No hard core math tonight, but you should be pretty in tune with what 90% effort on a 100m sprint feels like–and make it there.

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):  HERO WOD– “Small”    **Partner Style**

3 Rounds for Time (teams of two):

1000m Row–alternate every 250m interval (reset rower each time)

25 synchronized burpees

50 alternating box jumps or step-ups 24/20

800m run (divided)–Partner A runs 200m at FAST pace, Partner B runs 200m at FAST pace, A runs 200m FAST, B runs 200m FAST

Image result for small hero wod


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