WODs for the Week of 10/30

Summer, Melissa, Jeremy, and Ash…Taking on Last Week’s “Pinch & Inch”


This Week’s WODs

*Cycle Q/Week 2 of 12*

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):   “Fifty 50”

5 sets:

4 x (50m easy recovery jog, 50m sprint) with NO rest between reps

Rest 3:00 between sets

Total Distance:      2000m       Methodology:       Speed Endurance        Scoring:      WOD is for total time

WOD Notes—Your focus is FAST, RECOVER, REPEAT!

WOD Math—No math tonight. This WOD has just two paces:  A) Very, very slow. B) Very, very fast. The 50m jog intervals must be SLOW in order to maintain your sprint speed. The jog is any speed except walking. The 50m sprints are 98% of max effort (to retain form). Focus on a quick acceleration when starting each sprint.

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):  “Scrunchy”

4 sets:

(500m, rest 50 seconds, 400m, rest 40 seconds, 300m)

Rest 3:00 between sets

WOD Notes— You will know if you picked the correct interval pace if you’re feeling the need to slow down during your third set.

WOD Math—go to http://www.coolrunning.com. Target a pace for each interval that is about 2-3 sec/100m slower than your 1-mile PR pace. For example, an athlete with a 1-mile PR time of 8:00 (or 30 sec/min) would target 32-33 sec/100m for this workout.

Total (Run) Distance:        4800m       Methodology:       Lactate Threshold      Scoring:       Score each of the four sets separately

And Now? Your Moment of Zen… 🙂



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WODs for the Week of 10/23

Coach Allison’s Beautiful Lean…     🙂


Speaking of coaches, here’s a few words of wisdom from Coach BRice, to set you off on the right foot for this week’s *NEW* 12-week cycle!

What’s your PR on your clean? Your jerk? Your mile?  Often athletes can recall their PRs on weightlifting achievements, but when I ask athletes their mile time? Blank stares.  I see a lot of athletes honing their skills daily with strength programs, gymnastics movement, etc.  I hear athletes all the time say, “I need to work on my running.”  This is a great goal, but just running won’t cure your running woes.

At CFE, we appreciate the efforts week in and week out. But I also want to say, often you must treat the CFE with the fervor that an athlete will attack a squat program or the various strength and skill programs available in the CrossFit community.  We love the participation and community within the CFE program. It’s pretty awesome to witness our athletes break personal bests. Our programming has taken on some variations, with the focus being on paces and knowing your PR paces. These are by design. The FULL benefits of knowing your times can help you achieve the FULL results of our programming. I often preach making an honest effort each and every run. Don’t sell yourself short. Know your paces…and you will see awesome results if you consistently work within your capacities.

We love our athletes and the CFE community –BRice



This Week’s WODs

*Cycle O/Week 1 of 12*

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):  “Pinch & Inch”

1 x 600m at very fast pace

Rest 3:00

1 x 200m at very fast pace

1 x 400m SLOW recovery walk

1 x 500m at very fast pace

Rest 3:00

1 x 300m at very fast pace

1 x 400m SLOW recovery walk

1 x 400m at very fast pace

1 x 400m SLOW recovery walk

4 x 100m at VERY fast pace with 30 seconds rest between reps

Methodology:      Speed Endurance    Total Distance:     3600m          Scoring:    WOD is for total time

WOD Notes—This is a VERY fast-paced workout that will help you develop your anaerobic fast twitch speed. Approach this workout with the mindset that you are feeling the need to do something special to prove your courage and fitness.

WOD Math—Go to http://www.coolrunning.com. Use your mile PR pace to determine your goal pace for each distance.

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):  “Winter is Coming”

Part One:

600m, 2:00 rest

400m, 100m walk

300m, 1:00 rest

200m, 5:00 rest

Part Two:

600m, 2:00 rest

400m, 100m walk

300m, 45 sec rest

200m, 5:00 rest

Part Three:

600m, 2:00 rest

400m, 100m walk

300m, 30 sec rest

200m, DONE!

WOD Notes— The core of this workout is the final 300m and 200m intervals. As noted, the rest between these two intervals gets progressively shorter and shorter. Expect having to sprint your final 200m to hit your target finishing time!

WOD Math—go to http://www.coolrunning.com. The target pace for the 600s is programmed to be slower than the other interval distances. More specifically, the 600m intervals should be 1 sec/100m slower than your mile PR pace. The target pace for the 400s, 300s, 200s is your mile PR pace.

Total (Run) Distance:      4800m         Methodology:      Lactate Threshold         Scoring:       WOD is for total time

Image result for running inspiration meme


1.   This week begins our NEW 12-week cycle! You’ll need those 400m and mile PR time trials at the ready!

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WODs for the Week of 10/16

HOLY HEATWAVE!!!   img_2065



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20161015_075216_1476662716949  img_2064  img_2070

20161015_104855_1476661781422  img_2072

 img_2071  img_2039  img_2019



This Week’s WODs

*Cycle P/Week 12 of 12*

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):  TIME TRIAL TESTING–1600m*

*If you ran Dogwood, use this mile as a slow recovery run. Pledge to make-up your mile TT within the next week. 🙂


“Row Race 1600”–

(11 minute time cap)

Row 1600m, ascending burpees EMOM

Methodology:   Aerobic Threshold        Total Distance:      1600m          Scoring:     WOD is for total time

WOD Notes—Begin rowing at 3,2,1 GO. At the top of the minute, step off the rower and perform one burpee; then resume rowing. EMOM, you will add one more burpee. Your goal is to complete the 1600m distance before the 11:00 time cap. Set your rower to count down from 1600.

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):  TIME TRIAL TESTING–400m




1 Round for time–

800m Run

400m Run backwards

800m Run

400m Run backwards

*You may opt to wear a 20lb weight vest for this workout*

Methodology:    Aerobic Threshold        Total Distance:     2400m           Scoring:  WOD is for total time

img_2063  img_2040


1.   Next week begins our NEW 12-week cycle! Coach BRice will have some words of wisdom for you on the blog next week–while you gear up to get #bettereveryday!

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WODs for the Week of 10/9


Dogwood Canyon Awaits!

CFE KT Dogwood

This Week’s WODs

*Cycle P/Week 11 of 12*


Part 1:  Coach’s choice focused mobility/yoga (15 minutes)

Part 2: Coach’s choice Pose Drills/Team USA Dynamic warm-up

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):  “HELEN”

3 Rounds–Run 400m, 21 KB swings (55/35), 12 pullups

Methodology:    Post-HOA Recovery/Pre-Dogwood Taper        Scoring:     WOD is for total time

**If you competed in HOA, you may opt to complete “Helen” not for time. Take the runs easy. Use the WOD for recovery.

Long Interval (Thursday 5:30pm):  “Goldilocks”

12 rounds: Run 200m at 1mile PR pace, then immediately run 200m at 1.5x that pace

Methodology:    Post-HOA Recovery/Pre-Dogwood Taper        Total Distance:  4800m             Scoring:  WOD is for total time

WOD Notes—Run at your PR pace to the 400m turn-around, run back to the start line for the recovery. Your goal is to time these intervals just right—not too fast, not too slow, juuust right. You’re learning to feel a distinct difference between exertional and recovery pacing.

**If you are running Dogwood this weekend, you may opt to simply run 20-30 minutes at a controlled, easy/moderate pace. Use the WOD for taper.

WOD Math—    Your 1mile PR is 8:00

60 seconds x 8 minutes = 480 seconds

480/8 = 60 second 200m pace (200m is 1/8 of 1600m)

60 x 1.5 = 90 second 200m recovery pace

*Please figure your pacing PRIOR to coming to class! You WILL NEED a watch!

WOD Math—go to http://www.coolrunning.com.


Congratulations Chance, KT, Lisa, and Clift!!! 2016 HOA Masters Third Place! #YOUSHOULDBEHERE


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WODs for the Week of 10/2


(Photo Credit: Metcon Photos)

This Week’s WODs

*Cycle P/Week 10 of 12*

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):  “Did You Like It?”

Warm-Up:  1 x 1000m, 2:00 rest

Main Set:

5 x 100m with 15 sec rest b/t reps

90 seconds rest

1 x 500m, 90 sec rest

5 x 100m with 15 sec rest b/t reps

90 seconds rest

1 x 500m, 90 sec rest

Warm down:  1 x 1000m

Methodology:      Lactate Threshold     Total Distance:    4000m        Scoring:     Score “Main Set” ONLY, for total time

WOD Notes1000s at easy/moderate pace; 100s at 2000m *GOAL* pace (FASTER than the 2000m TT you tested last week); 500s at 2000m TT pace

WOD Math—Go to http://www.coolrunning.com. Figure your distances as demonstrated in the photos below. EXAMPLE: if your 2000m TT was 12:00, divide that in half (6:00), and enter that in the ‘Pace’ section. Enter 500m in the ‘Distance’ section, then hit ‘Time.’ That will give you your pace for the 500m (3:00). Then, do the same, except enter 100m in the ‘Distance’ section. This will give you your 100m pace (36 sec). But?? You want to BEAT that. You’re aiming to hit the 100s at 2000m *GOAL* pace. In other words, faster than you ran last week.

cr1 cr2

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):  “NORCAL FIBER”

6 x 600 meters

300m at 800m PR pace, 100m at mile PR pace, 200m at 400m pace +2-3 seconds
200m jog plus 3:00 additional rest between efforts

WOD Notes— The purpose of the opening 300m is to create muscular fatigue.  The 100m is to increase the number of recruited fibers.  The final 200m teaches you to use those recruited fibers when fatigued.

This is not a jog, walk, run workout.
This is a HARDER, HARD, HARDEST workout. 

But WAIT!!! You’re not done!!! Load up the sleds for MORE muscle recruitment! Sled Loads M=4 x 45  F=2 x 45, 2 x 25

FINISH with 4 x 50m sled push with 200m recovery jog between first efforts

WOD Math—go to http://www.coolrunning.com. You will need to refer to your 400, 800, and 1600m PR paces for this WOD. See pic below for the details! Follow the SAME format for the 300m @ 800 pace and 200m @ 400 pace.

*Please figure your pace PRIOR to coming to class! You WILL NEED a watch!

Total (Run) Distance:   3600m     Methodology:   Strength Endurance     Scoring:  WOD is for total time, not including sled pulls

Scaling:  Scale the number of intervals as needed; the sled pulls are non-negotiable🙂



  1. NEXT WEEK!!!! It’s TIME TRIAL time!!! Only two weeks left in this cycle! #getyourfastshoeskids
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