WODs for the Week of 1/22/17

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This Week’s WODs

*Cycle R/Week 2 of 12*

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):   “Accelerations”

1 set:

100m, 110m, 120m, 130m, 140m, 150m, 160m, 170m, 180m, 190m, 200m

Rest:  Walking recovery back to start line

Methodology:         VO2 Max        Total Distance:       1650m         Scoring:    

WOD Notes–The interval distance increases, as your interval speed decreases

WOD Math–You will start this WOD working at your 1-mile PR pace, and end it at your 400m PR pace. Your pace will increase along the continuum throughout. Here’s the math…

First, break your 1-mile and 400m PRs down to seconds. For example, if your mile PR is 5:00, that breaks down to 300 seconds or 19 seconds/100m. If your 400m PR is 60 seconds, that breaks down to 30 seconds/200m. Go ahead and figure yours.

Next, take your 400m speed for your 200m (30 seconds in the example above) and subtract your 1-mile speed for 100m (19 seconds in the example above).

30 seconds – 19 seconds = 11 seconds

11 seconds / 10 intervals = 1.1 seconds

Therefore, 1.1 seconds is the rate at which your intervals should decrease, per interval, throughout the workout. Whew! You will probably earn yourself a high-five and a congratulatory cocktail after this WOD, just for the math!!! 🙂  That being said…DO THE MATH! Come to class with a clear-cut plan (and a watch)!

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):   “Aerobic Capacity Row Workout”

3 Sets:

15 second sprint row at MAX EFFORT

2:00 easy recovery row

30 second sprint row at FAST pace

2:00 easy recovery row (cover more distance than previous recovery row)

45 second sprint row at moderate/fast pace

2:00 easy recovery row (cover more distance than previous recovery row)

1:00 sprint row at moderate pace

2:00 easy recovery row (cover more distance than previous recovery row)

Rest:  None between reps, 1:00 between sets

WOD Notes—The recovery row after the four different “ON” paces is the focus of this workout. Developing the ability to actively clear fatigue must become a top priority for anyone interested in building his or her capacity

WOD Math—No pre-WOD math; just keep track of your varying paces throughout, and the distance you cover on the recovery rows, so you can best them the next time

Methodology:       Lactate Threshold        Scoring:      Score each of the three sets separately, all the way through the final recovery row

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Next Week on the blog…2017 RACE PREVIEW!

1. UPDATE:  We’ve opted to postpone the mile time trials until the cold and inclement weather subsides a bit. We’ve been forced to the inside at least once per week lately, and we know many of you would prefer to have some more pavement time before we test again. So stay committed to the programming in the meantime–indoors or out. Its designed to keep your progress from stalling; and be ready for a mile TT coming up in the next few weeks!

2. Don’t forget to wear BRIGHT colors to nighttime CFE! #noroadkill

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