WODs for the Week of 4/23/17

This Week’s WODs

*Cycle S/Week 3 of 12* 

Long Interval (Mon 5:30pm):   “Air Theft”

800m easy, 400m FAST, 800m easy

Rest 10 seconds

600m easy, 400m FAST, 600m easy

Rest 10 seconds

400m easy, 400m FAST, 400m easy

Rest 10 seconds

200m easy, 400m FAST, 200m easy

Rest 3:00

400m easy, 200m FAST, 400m easy

Rest 10 seconds

300m easy, 200m FAST, 300m easy

Rest 10 seconds

200m easy, 200m FAST, 200m easy

Rest 10 seconds

100m easy, 200m FAST, 100m easy


WOD Notes:  This is a long grind, and the distance on your feet–although mostly easy–will make your FAST intervals a challenge! We’ve done quite a bit of sprint work lately. Time to embrace some mileage… 🙂

 WOD Math:  Use your 1-mile PR pace to determine your 400m and 200m interval goals. Aim for at or faster than those times.

Methodology:      Aerobic Threshold      Total Distance:       8400m       Scoring:     Score your interval times only. You will record 4 x 400m intervals and 4 x 200m intervals. In the WODIFY comment section, state how many intervals you were able to hit successfully (at or under your goal time).


Short Interval (Thursday 5:30):  “Secretly Loves Dogs” PARTNER WOD! (Brought to you by BRice)

Buy-In:  40m tire flip

Then, 30-minute AMRAP:

1-2-3-4-5-6-7…and so on, reps of the following:

Toes to bar

Burpee pull-ups

Parallette push-ups

One partner chips away at reps, while the other partner runs to the 400m mark–from the rig and back. On the way back, go up the ramp into the back of the gym, and return to the rig via the back door stairs. Tag your partner, and pick up where they left off in the rep scheme.

Scoring:  Record total distance and total reps achieved.

It’s juuuust about that time…CFE BBQ!!! Stay tuned for more details!


1. Next week…upcoming races!!

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