WODs for the Week of 4/30/17

SHE DID IT!!!!! #goldmedal 

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SHE DID IT, TOO!!!! #mastersdegree

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Congratulations, Alissa and Lindsay! YOU’RE AMAZING!!!

This Week’s WODs

*Cycle S/Week 4 of 12* 

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):   “Luster”

200m at FAST pace, 200m at easy pace

Rest 15 seconds

200m FAST, 200m easy

Rest 15 seconds

200m FAST, 200m easy

400m FAST, 200m easy

Rest 15 seconds

800m FAST, 200m easy


WOD Notes:  Conserve your energy during the 200s, because this pace will feel easy. This WOD is designed to help you get comfortable with a faster 1-mile PR time. The 800m should get all your attention! Hold the same fast pace that you established in your 200s and 400s.

 WOD Math:  FAST pace should be 1-2 sec/100m faster than your 1-mile PR pace.

Methodology:     VO2 Max      Total Distance:       3400m       Scoring:     You will enter FIVE separate interval scores: 200m, 200m, 200m, 400m, 800m. Reset your watch during the easy runs.

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):   “Air Grab”

400m at FAST pace, 1200m at easy pace

300m at FASTER pace, 900m at easy pace

200m at FASTEST pace, 600m at easy pace

100m SPRINT, 300m at easy pace


WOD Notes:  Aerobic fitness is measured by your ability to recover. The core of this WOD is the initial 100m of each interval–control your breathing, and then settle into your easy pace. Your easy pace should be the same for all intervals.

WOD Math:  The 400m is at your 1-mile PR pace. Your 300m pace is faster than your 400m, your 200m is faster than your 300. Your 100m sprint should be equal to your 400m PR pace.

Methodology:     Lactate Threshold       Total Distance:   4000m         Scoring:     You will enter FOUR separate interval scores: 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m. Reset your watch during the easy runs.

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“Team YOLO”


1. Upcoming Races: 

Girls on the Run 5KSaturday, May 6th, 7:30am, MSU

One Sole Purpose 5K/10KSaturday, May 6th, 8am, 900 N. Eastgate, Springfield

Hurts Donut Run 5KSaturday, May 13th, 10am, Park Central Square

Lost and Found 5K (in honor of Landon Chance Potts)–May 25th, 6:30pm, Jordan Valley Park

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