WODs for the Week of 5/28/17

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This Week’s WODs

*Cycle S/Week 8 of 12* 

Short Interval (No Class–Memorial Day):  HERO WOD “Murph”

For Time (partition as preferred):

Run 1 mile

100 pull-ups

200 push-ups

300 squats

Run 1 mile

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):   “Shattered”


8 x 100m with 50 seconds rest between reps

4:00 rest between sets

WOD Notes:  Your 100m pace for all three intervals must be faster than the average between your 400m and 1-mile PR times. As example, an athlete with a 400m PR of 72 seconds (or 18sec/100m) and 1-mile PR of 6:10 (or 23 sec/100m) would target all of their 100m intervals in sub-20.5 seconds.

Methodology:     VO2 Max     Total Distance:    2400m        Scoring:    Score each of the three sets separately

Memorial Day Quotes


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