WODs for the Week of 6/4/17

This Week’s WODs

*Cycle S/Week 9 of 12* 

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):  “Double Vision”


50 plate jumps (on 10lb plate)

100m sprint with heavy dumbbell or kettlebell (50/35)

Rest:  Recover fully between reps (3+ minutes)

WOD Notes:  The plate jumps are to be performed as fast as possible. Move immediately to pick up your object, and GO! Focus on a high stride frequency during the 100m sprint.

WOD Pacing:  Aim to gauge your recovery accurately, so that the time it takes you to complete each set is consistent.

Methodology:     Strength Endurance     Total Distance:     800m     Scoring:    Score each of the 8 sets separately

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):   “Endure”


4 x 400m at easy recovery jog pace

Rest 1:00 between reps

*Fully recover prior to main workout below*

Main Workout


Run 400m, jog 200m, run 200m, jog 200m

Rest 2:00 between sets

WOD Pacing:  Use your 4x400m warm-up intervals to establish the 200m jog pace in the main workout. Your run paces should be slightly faster than your 1-mile PR pace.

WOD Notes:  The core of the main workout is your 200m recovery jogs. Your paces in these 200m jog intervals must match your average pace in your 4x400m warm-up!

Methodology:     Lactate Threshold     Total Distance:       6600m    Scoring:    Score the main workout only; score each of five sets separately (not counting the 2:00 rest period)

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