WODs for the Week of 7/30/17

ANNOUNCING…CrossFit Springfield’s CFE Summer Workshop!

Sunday, August 6th 


CFS Back Lot

We are SO excited to spend the afternoon with you! Join CFE Coaches Jen C, BRice, and Allison for a super-fun and informative half-day…full of all sorts of drills, science, and training strategy to take your endurance game to the next level! 

Come READY to work out (more than once), and leave here prepared to tackle your next big goal–whether it be HOA, Dogwood Canyon, or that elusive ‘RX’ you’ve been chasing–with a bigger, stronger engine!

Sample Topics

  • Running mechanics and efficiency/POSE method/cadence and pacing–check yo’self, ‘fore you wreck yo’self! 
  • BRice’s saucy **NEW** Benchmark Endurance WOD–“Tres, Dos, Uno!”
  • Aerobic Capacity and determining your Fatigue Factor–why does your engine fail you?
  • Test a WOD tailored specifically for your weaknesses–let’s FIX you!
  • Baseline training and competitive edge–dialing in for the very best from each athlete!
  • Time Trial Testing–you didn’t think we’d let you escape without it, did you???

We’re excited to show you what the Back Lot’s all about (spoiler–it’s not just running)! 😉

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This Week’s WODs

*Cycle T/Week 5 of 12* 

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):  “Special Sauce”


300m at FAST pace

100m at easy recovery pace

100m at MAX SPRINT effort pace

100m at easy recovery pace

No rest between reps, 4:00 rest between rounds

WOD Notes:    FAST pace means “very fast” and should be 1-2 sec/100m faster than your 1-mile PR for the 300m distance. The “max sprint” effort should be…you guessed it…at max effort. 🙂

Methodology:     VO2 Max      Total Distance:      3000m        Scoring:     Score each of the 5 MAX EFFORT 100m sprints separately. Use your watches to time your 300m distance (for gaging purposes), then reset them during your first recovery run, so they’re all set to time your sprints!

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Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):   “Jet Setting”

Part ONE

3 x 1 mile at moderate pace with 1:00 rest between reps

Rest 5:00, then…

Part TWO

5 x 60m sprints w/ 240m slow recovery jog between reps, plus an additional 30 seconds of rest between reps

Workout Details:  For Part ONE, the goal is to run by feel, and only look at your watch after you finish each 1 mile interval. Your finishing times for all three intervals should be within 15 seconds of one another! For Part TWO, sprint 60m out from the start line, then jog the rest of the way (240m) to the end of the parking lot (the old 300m turnaround). Rest there another 30 seconds, then sprint back the other direction for the next rep.

Methodology:     Lactate Threshold      Total Distance:       6300m       Scoring:     Part ONE–score each of your 1 mile intervals separately. Part TWO–don’t score. Just go fast, then go slow, rest 60 seconds, then go again.

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  1. EXCITING NEWS!!! As a result of his strong showing in the CrossFit Open earlier this year, our very own Coach BRice has been invited to compete in the LA 2017 WORLD Police & Fire Games, August 13-15! In order to qualify, he needed to finish at least Top 10 in the WORLD under his service category (Law Enforcement age 45-49)! BRice!!!! We are SO PROUD of you!!! 🙂

    #mastersrule #masterslifeonlockdown #2legit2quit #onwardandupward 

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