WODs for the Week of 8/6/17

Our First Ever CFE Summer Workshop was a HUGE Success!!!

Thank you SO much to each and every one of you who joined us! 

BRice leads the CFE Summer Workshop group through a series of drills…

#knowledge bombs #onwardandupward #bettereveryday

This Week’s WODs

*Cycle T/Week 6 of 12* 

Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):  “Kiss and Tell”

5 Rounds:

3 Deadlift 225/185

6 Box Jumps 30/24 with step down

12 Jumping Feet Tuck (heels hit your backside) with a 3/4 squat for explosive/ballistic effect


24 easy recovery air squats

Rest 4:00 between rounds

WOD Notes:    This WOD is meant to be EXPLOSIVE and FAST. It incorporates ballistic and plyometric movements coupled with aggressive sprinting, to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers. Immediately after you’ve completed the 200m sprint, begin the easy recovery squats. Pick a steady, easy recovery pace and use the squats to work out the lactic acid that’s built up in your legs from the ballistics and sprinting. Then, focus on FULL recovery during those 4 minutes of rest, so you can be ready to tackle that next round at 100%!

Methodology:    Speed/Strength Endurance      Total Distance:      1000m        Scoring:     Score each of five rounds separately (for time)

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):   “Inaugural” (WOD Credit:  Elizabeth Koch)

5 x 500m run, 100m walk

Rest 90 seconds

4 x 400m run, 100m walk

Rest 90 seconds

3 x 300m run, 100m walk

WOD Notes:    Perform each interval set with just 100m walk in between reps. Rest 90 seconds between sets. During the 100m walk, focus on bringing your breathing under control, clearing the fatigue from your legs, and being ready to accelerate right into the next interval once you cross the 100m return mark.

WOD Pacing:  Intervals will be paced off your 1-mile PR time. As the volume builds during this workout and the fatigue begins to set in–work to hold your paces.

Methodology:    Aerobic Threshold      Total Distance:      5000m        Scoring:     WOD is for total time

Beautiful Taylor finishing up a condensed version of VO2 Max WOD “Molasses” at Sunday’s CFE Summer Workshop…


  1. If you attended this weekend’s CFE Summer Workshop, and still need an accurate fatigue factor…contact one of us via FB or in person at the gym, and we’ll help you! Be sure you’re operating from current and accurate time trial results!

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