WODs for the Week of 10/8/17

The Countdown is ON…

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This Week’s WODs

*Cycle U/Week 3 of 12*  

Short Interval (Monday 5:30pm):  “FAST”

3 x 100m with 1:00 rest between reps

3 x 150m with 1:30 rest between reps

3 x 200m with 2:00 rest between reps

WOD Notes:  All intervals should be performed at your 400m PR pace. If you find you need more recovery between reps to achieve this, allow yourself more time. Your focus should be hitting these paces.

Methodology:    Speed Endurance   Total Distance:   1350m    Scoring:   Score each interval separately, do not count rest periods.

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):   “Worry”


1 x 800m

Rest 2:00

1 x 150m at FAST pace, walk 50m

1 x 100m at FASTER pace, walk 100m

1 x 80m at FASTEST pace, walk 120m

1 x 60m SPRINT at max effort, walk 140m

Rest between sets:  None

WOD Notes:   The 800s should be at your 1-mile PR pace plus 2sec/100m. Your 150m interval should be at your 1-mile PR pace, then faster from there, for the remaining intervals.

Methodology:    VO2 Max    Total Distance:     4800m      Scoring:   Score each of three sets separately



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  1. FIVE WEEKS till Dogwood!! #getbusy
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