HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! WODS FOR Week of December 31: Don’t Worry and a couple of dicey WODS this week!


With 2017 almost behind us, we often want to start the new year with a new attitude and fresh start. Where are you in your journey?

As we approach 2018, set your goals and try to stick with them. If you lose track, reset and don’t worry about it. Just keep moving forward and tell yourself “DON’T WORRY”


WODS FOR THE WEEK: We will be having CFE classes as normal this week. Due to the forecast of cold weather this week we will be having our classes inside.

Short Interval (5:30pm) “TRIPLE TROUBLE”

Complete 10 Rounds each of A,B, and C. Rest 2 Minutes before moving onto next movement. You will complete Part A (Ten Minutes); Rest Two minutes. Then you will complete Part B (Ten Minutes); Rest Two Minutes. Finally you will complete Part C (Ten Minutes). Done.

A. Assault Air Bike-20 second Max Effort/40 Second Low Effort.

Rest 2 Minutes

B. Concept 2 Rower-40 second Max Effort/20 Second Low Effort.

Rest 2 Minutes

C. Ski Erg-30 Second Max Effort/30 Second Low Effort.


Partner WOD

Alternate 10 reps at a time until done.


Calories Ski Erg





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