WODS for Week 1.29.2018: Back to the Basics/Inaugural Sock and Undie Rundie

Inaugural Sock and Undie Rundie

Date: April 21, 2018

Location: 509 S. Cavalier, Springfield, MO 65802

Site Link: https://www.fosteradopt.org/southwest-mo/events/sockandundierundie

 Calling all superheroes!

Break out your Underoos because this is gonna be FUN!

FosterAdopt Connect’s Inaugural Sock & Undie Rundie 5K will be held on April 21, 2018. This chip-timed 5K run/walk supports one of the biggest needs at FosterAdopt Connect’s Sammy’s Window clothing closet: new socks and underwear for foster youth. Be an everyday superhero by donating new socks and undies as part of your registration fee. Then come to the 5K sporting  undies any way you want – on the inside, on the outside, or even by all themselves (modesty please, this is a pet and family-friendly event)! Longjohns and all superhero costumes are welcome too!

Poll of the Week:

B. Rice Quote of the Week:

“Well, um, actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we’re going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.”  Frank the Tank, Old School (2003)

WODS for the Week of 1.29.2018:

Short Interval: 5:30 p.m. Monday


Speed and Endurance

Total Distance: 2000 meters

200m sprint
rest 2:00 between each effort

Details: After performing a 15-20 min warm-up involving mobility, dynamics, drills and 3-4 acceleration sprints begin the workout. Run 200m at a very fast aggressive pace, rest 2:00 and then run 200m again. Continue the workout as written above until you have run 10, 200m sprints. See pacing instructions below for further guidance on pacing. Take the full 2:00 rest between each interval. During your rest time, stay on your feet, walk the track, perform some mobility work or even some slow controlled air squats to help your body gain a full recovery between efforts.

Your Pace: Run each 200m at a very fast aggressive pace at or near your 400m PR pace
The rest time between each interval is enough time for almost full recovery of the energy systems we are working within. You should be able to put forward a near ME sprint on each interval. Aim to keep all times within 1-2 seconds of each other.

Your Score: What were each of your 200m interval times? Were you able to maintain all intervals within :1-:2 sec of each other? If not, at what point during the workout did you begin to slow?

Alternate WOD (Weather Permitting)

“Turkey and Gravy”

Buy in: 1x 1000m row
3:00 rest
10x 300m row 1:00 rest between reps
3:00 rest
Buyout: 1x 1000m row

Long Interval: 5:30 p.m. Thursday

“Negative Split”

Total Workout Time: +40 mintues

Aerobic Threshold

6:00 @ easy pace
:60 sec rest
5:30 @ moderate pace
:90 sec rest
3:00 @ easy pace
:60 sec rest
2:45 @ moderate pace
:90 sec rest
5:00 @ easy pace
:60 sec rest
4:30 sec @ moderate pace
:90 sec rest
2:00 @ easy pace
:60 sec rest
1:45@ moderate pace
:90 sec rest
4:00 @ easy pace
:60 sec rest
3:30 @ moderate pace
:90 sec rest
1:00 @ easy pace
:60 sec rest
:45 sec @ moderate/fast pace

Details: Perform this workout on an out & back flat course. You will run out for 6 min, rest for 1 min and then need to return back to your original starting point in 5 minutes and :30 sec. The rest of the workout continues in this fashion of, out at an easy pace and returning at a moderate to fast pace. Your goal each time will be to return back to your original starting point. You will need to push the returning pace each time to make it back in time. Note the rest time alternates between :60 sec rest and :90 sec rest. If you are unable to perform out and back you can run at the track but you will need to take note of how much distance you covered and then attempt to match the same distance in less time.

Your Pace:  I want to know whether you were able to make it back to your original point each time or at what point during the workout you began to struggle.

Your Score: Take your “easy” pace runs out at a relaxed and conversational pace. You are determining your own volume here. Your returning pace is going to need to be a more aggressive but moderately paced run to reach your original starting point. Record total meters ran on each interval.

Alternate Wod (Weather Permitting)

“Eight Ball” (E.Koch)

EMOM for 8 min
8 cals
Rest 3:00 btwn each round





WODS for the Week of 1.21.18: Assault Bike Fever/Time Trial Delay/Back to the Pavement

Time Trial Delays and Weather Permitting Status


The CFE coaches are just as frustrated with the weather and the lack of running. We will strive to continue to bring quality programming and run when we get a chance.  We had to delay the one mile time trial once again due to the weather and bad road conditions. We will look to schedule our time trial when the weather appears to get warmer.

B. Rice Quote of the Week

“I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.” Airplane (1980)

WODS for the Week of January 21, 2018:

We are looking to stay inside again this Monday and then weather permitting get back on the pavement Thursday evening.

Short Interval Monday, January 22, 2018 (5:30 pm)

“Shine Bright”

Assault Bike WOD

3 sets:

:90 seconds at easy pace; Rest :30 seconds (Maintain RPM in between 25 to 40)

:75 seconds at moderate pace; Rest :30 seconds (Maintain RPM in between 40 to 50)

:60 seconds at fast pace; Rest :30 seconds (Maintain RPM in between 50 to 60)

:45 seconds at faster pace; Rest :30 seconds (Maintain RPM in between 60 to 70)

:30 seconds at fastest pace; Rest :30 seconds (Maintain RPM in between 70 to 80)

:15 seconds at Max Effort (Try to achieve RPMs above 80 to 100)

Rest 3:00 minutes.

You will have three separate scores. Total Calories per set.

Long Interval Thursday January 25, 2018 (5:30 pm)


500 m at moderate pace (slower than your Mile PR pace; 1-2 seconds/100 m slower and so on)

Rest :60 seconds

500 m at moderate/fast pace (pace is in between the moderate and Mile PR pace)

1000 m at easy pace (Conversational Pace to allow recovery between intervals)

400 m at moderate/fast pace (pace is in between the moderate and Mile PR pace)

Rest :50 seconds

400 m at fast pace (Mile PR pace)

800 m at easy pace (Conversational Pace)

300 m at moderate/fast pace (pace is in between the moderate and Mile PR Pace)

Rest :40 seconds

300 m at faster pace (2-3 seconds faster than your Mile PR pace)

600 m at easy pace (Conversational Pace)

200 m at moderate/fast pace (pace is in between the moderate and Mile PR pace)

Rest :30 seconds

200 m fastest pace (3-5 seconds faster than your Mile PR pace)

400 m easy pace (Conversational Pace)

100 m moderate/fast pace (pace is in between the moderate and Mile PR pace)

Rest :20 seconds

100 Sprint (All Out Effort)

100 m Easy pace. (Conversational Pace)


Workout is for Total Time.

Total: 5900 meters.

WODS for Week of 1.14.18: Community/Take Twelve/Mile Time Trial Redo (Weather Permitting)


Life keeps going and remember your journey may have delayed your destiny, but it doesn’t have to define your destiny. When you know your community is behind you through the various trials and tribulations of life and they can be counted on to provide support and love.  The pain we endure is a good reminder we will all go home someday. Thinking of you Reilly. (Psalms 16:8)


B. Rice Quote of the Week:

“What you should have done was land your plane! You don’t own that plane! The taxpayers do! Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash!” Top Gun (1986)

WODS for the Week of January 14, 2018:

The weather has been pretty frightful and unfortunately we have been unable to get outside during this time of the year. We are going to try to get in our Mile Time Trial this week and we will be inside this week to start out our week.

Short Interval: 5:30 pm Monday

We will start with some good stretching and get some mobility prior to our WOD for the day.

“Take Twelve”

On a 12 minute clock:

2k Ski Erg

In remaining time AMRAP:

24 Double Unders (Scale with Singles)

12 Air Squats

Rest 3:00 minutes

On a 12 minute clock:

112 Burpee Pull Ups for time.


Cool Down: Stretching.

Long Interval: 5:30 pm Thursday

One Mile Time Trial (Weather Permitting)

This is an all out effort by each athlete.



One Mile Recovery Jog/Walk and stretching inside.

Alternative indoor WOD if we are unable to get outside:


5 Sets

10 Seconds Max Effort Push Ups

10 Seconds Max Effort Ring Rows

10 Seconds Max Effort Air Squats

Rest :30 seconds

250 Meter Row All Out Effort

Rest 3:00 minutes between sets.

WODS FOR WEEK of January 7, 2018: New Year, New You/Time Trial Week/CFE Poll/CFE Mission Revisted/WODS of the WEEK.

 New Year, New You

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season over and everyone is settling back into a normal life, we often look at getting our fitness levels back on track. We hear alot of athletes tell us “I really need to do endurance.”  Well this is the time to check us out and tell yourself “New Year, New You!”  What goals do you have this year?

CFE: Endurance Group Vision Statement

The Endurance Group are classes offered at Crossfit Springfield to athletes of ALL running abilities. We focus on quality training, not quantity. We believe running is a skill that must be practiced just like a snatch or overhead squat. We follow programming from the Crossfit Endurance website with the goal of our training to first improve our running form and second our speed and endurance. We follow a WOD format just as we do in the daily WOD and just as all things are scalable in the box, Endurance Group is scalable to any level of running. We believe our training is most effective when paired with the daily WOD’s in the gym a few times a week. We are here to help improve anyone’s running abilities as well as help athletes to meet their endurance race goals.

Mission Statement

To offer an organized, scheduled endurance class to ALL athletes of Crossfit Springfield, regardless of fitness level or running ability, that will focus on improving overall speed, endurance, stamina, and health through implementation of a structured, interval-based training program.

Training method

The workouts are designed to be paired with the CF programming at the gym. Ideally, they are done with a 3+ hour gap between workouts or entirely on their own. There will be a short interval workout programmed on Mondays, and a long interval workout programmed for Thursdays. Athletes are encouraged to find time on the weekends and pair up with another athlete to incorporate a long run into their routine. The endurance group times listed will be led by an endurance coach. The workouts will begin promptly on the hour. We will begin a warmup, and the drills of the coaches will be performed several times. The group will then perform the interval workout for that day.  Athletes and coaches are encouraged to scale the distances and/or intervals of the workouts for the athletes’ running abilities.  If the athlete is unable to perform the interval distance at the prescribed intensity, scaling should be done to a distance/interval pattern that they can maintain.  Coaches will be there to time intervals, encourage athletes and critique form. We will encourage all athletes through drills and training to maintain a Pose running form.

Pose Running Method

We teach and encourage the Pose running method for increased efficiency and reduced injury.  Pose running emphasizes running in three separate phases: the pose, the fall, and the pull. We learn and review the Pose running method in all the drills we do and during our workouts.

WODS for the Week of January 7, 2018:

This is the week for Time Trials. Time to dust the running shoes off from this cold weather and clear those lungs out. This is a good time to test your endurance this week and also a good time to establish your PR times for future programming or just set a PR in the Mile and 400M run.

Short Interval: 5:30pm Monday

400m Time Trial

This is an all out effort by each athlete.



Partner TOSH (Three Rounds)

200M, 400M, 600M.

Partner A runs while Partner B rests on each interval.

Long Interval: 5:30pm Thursday

One Mile Time Trial

This is an all out effort by each athlete.



One Mile Recovery Walk/Jog and stretching inside.