WODS for Week of 1.14.18: Community/Take Twelve/Mile Time Trial Redo (Weather Permitting)


Life keeps going and remember your journey may have delayed your destiny, but it doesn’t have to define your destiny. When you know your community is behind you through the various trials and tribulations of life and they can be counted on to provide support and love.  The pain we endure is a good reminder we will all go home someday. Thinking of you Reilly. (Psalms 16:8)


B. Rice Quote of the Week:

“What you should have done was land your plane! You don’t own that plane! The taxpayers do! Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash!” Top Gun (1986)

WODS for the Week of January 14, 2018:

The weather has been pretty frightful and unfortunately we have been unable to get outside during this time of the year. We are going to try to get in our Mile Time Trial this week and we will be inside this week to start out our week.

Short Interval: 5:30 pm Monday

We will start with some good stretching and get some mobility prior to our WOD for the day.

“Take Twelve”

On a 12 minute clock:

2k Ski Erg

In remaining time AMRAP:

24 Double Unders (Scale with Singles)

12 Air Squats

Rest 3:00 minutes

On a 12 minute clock:

112 Burpee Pull Ups for time.


Cool Down: Stretching.

Long Interval: 5:30 pm Thursday

One Mile Time Trial (Weather Permitting)

This is an all out effort by each athlete.



One Mile Recovery Jog/Walk and stretching inside.

Alternative indoor WOD if we are unable to get outside:


5 Sets

10 Seconds Max Effort Push Ups

10 Seconds Max Effort Ring Rows

10 Seconds Max Effort Air Squats

Rest :30 seconds

250 Meter Row All Out Effort

Rest 3:00 minutes between sets.

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