WODS for the Week of 2.25.2018: Adventures with Jenn C./WODS for the Week

Jenn C. Has Left the Building!

Congrats to Coach Jenn C. for competing in a half marathon in Viva Las Vegas. She also met Elvis. Congrats to you and hope you had a good trip.

B. Rice Quote of the Week:

Roy Bacon: “We’re the Flying Elvises. Utah chapter.” (Honeymoon in Vegas, 1992)

WODS for  the Week of 2.25.2018

Short Interval Monday 5:30 pm


Workout Description:

Warm-Up: 5min run at easy pace
Rest 3:00
3 SETS: 10 x 100m at your 1-mile PR pace w/ 30 seconds rest between reps, and 3:00 rest between sets
Rest 3:00
Warm-Down: 5min run at easy pace

Workout Details:

After performing a 10-15min warm-up involving mobility, dynamics and drills, start the workout with a 5:00 easy run, check your HR after your easy run. After the easy run, rest 3:00. The perform 3 sets of run 100m @ your 1 mile PR pace (see pacing instructions below). Rest :30 sec between each interval. Rest 3:00 between each set. A few times throughout the workout take note of your HR. End the WOD with an easy 5min run. The warm-up distance should equal the warm-down distance. What was your HR at the end of the workout?

Your Pace:

Each 100m should be run @ or near your 1 mile PR pace
This pace is going to feel slow-ish for only 100m but note the number of 100m intervals and the minimal rest time between each effort. If you find yourself faster than the prescribed pace, that is fine but make sure to hold that pace throughout the workout and remember we are not working at a sprint pace today but more of a threshold pace.

Your Score:

Score each of three sets, for total time (including the 30 sec rest periods). Also what was your HR after your 5min warm-up run? What was your HR during the workout? What was your HR at the end of your warm-down run?

Methodology: V02

Total Distance: 3000+10 Minutes Easy Run

Long Interval Thursday 5:30 pm


Workout Description:

Start out with a 800 meter easy pace run.

300m fast
100m easy (recovery)
100m ME
100m easy (recovery)

Rest 4:00

Workout Details:

Run 300m at a fast (mile PR pace), run 100m at an easy recovery pace, immediately accelerate into a 100m ME sprint followed by another 100 easy recovery pace. There is no rest between any of the intervals. Make sure to quickly and aggressively accelerate into your 100m ME sprint. Rest 4:00 between each round.

Your Pace:

300m fast @ Mile PR Pace
100m @ an easy recovery pace
100m ME- all out sprint. All 100m sprints should be within 1-2 sec of each other.
100m @ easy recovery pace

Your Score:

You will score each round separately.  Did you meet your 300m pace goal? What were each of your 100m ME sprint times?

Methodology: Lactate Threshold

Total Distance: 3000+800 meter warm-up run.

Alternate WOD: (The Alternate WOD will be used in case of weather or temps or if you just want to get in some Endurance Training on the side)

Endurance Training: 10 Minute EMOM 7/5 calories every minute on the minute.

‘All The Things I Like’

5 Rounds:

15 Burpees

60 Double Unders

15 Calories Assault Bike





WODS for the Week of 2.18.2018: HERO WOD “Gallant”/Couples Challenge Shout Out/Crossfit Games “OPEN”/Friday Night Lights/WODS for the Week

Tough Love Couples Challenge

Congrats to all of the athletes to include some of our CFE athletes and even Coach Allison for competing this past weekend. Check out some of the highlights from our photog expert Joe and A Camera.  You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook @joeandacamera

2018 Crossfit Games Open Season

Have you signed up for the open!  Test your skills and challenge yourself this year. They have several divisons and even a scaled division.



18.1- Feb. 22-26

18.2- March 1-5

18.3- March 8-12

18.4- March 15-19

18.5- March 22-26

Registration for the Open begins Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018.

The Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games season and the largest community event of the year. Every year, hundreds of thousands of athletes come together to compete in the worldwide, online competition.

Anyone aged 14 or older can compete. All you have to do is sign up at Games.CrossFit.com and log your score each week. Workouts are released on Thursdays at 5 p.m. PT, and athletes have four days to complete the workout for the week and submit their score. Scores are due before 5 p.m. PT the following Monday. Complete the workouts at a CrossFit affiliate with a judge, or film your effort from anywhere in the world and submit a link as proof.

The Open offers two versions of each workout, scaled and Rx’d. The scaled option makes the event all-inclusive. All athletes can compare their results to others worldwide, regionally, by age or within their own gyms. An official CrossFit Games app will be available in late January, which will focus on your own personal performance in the Open.

At the end of five weeks, the fittest move on to the next stages of competition: the Regionals and the Online Qualifier.

Friday Night Lights @crossfitspringfield

While we are on the subject of the Crossfit Games “OPEN”. Be sure to sign up and then join the CFS community in completing the OPEN workout for that week.  Every Friday night during the OPEN season, CFS will be hosting a Friday Night Lights to create a competitive community and support for those athletes competing in the open. Whether your a high level or scaled athlete, sign up, compete and have fun.

B. Rice Quote of the Week:

WODS for the Week of 2.18.18:

Short Interval 5:30 pm (Monday)

“Turn Me Loose”

150 m fast
250m walk
150m faster
250m walk
150m fastest

Rest 5:00

Details: After performing a 15-20 min warm-up involving mobility, dynamics and drills begin the workout. Run 150m at a fast pace (see pacing instructions below), walk 250 meters, run 150 at a faster pace, walk 250m and run 150m at your fastest pace. Do not look at your watch until you have completed each interval. Rest 5:00 between each round.

Your Pace:  You will choose your own pace for each interval but you must get faster with each interval. This is a very aggressive speed endurance workout, so your paces should be fast!

Your Score: What were each of your 150m interval times? Were you able to get faster with each interval?  Score each round separately.

Training Capacity: Speed

Alternate WOD (Weather Permitting)

Tabata Bike: Complete the 20 second Work/10 second Rest Tabata program on the Bike.

“Quads for Days”

100 Calorie Assault Bike

100 Wall Balls 24/20 10’/9′

You must start and stop on the Bike. Partition Reps as Needed.

Set Bike to 100 Calories.

The WOD is for Total Time.

“HERO WOD” Thursday 5:30 p.m.

U.S. Navy Petty Officer Second Class Taylor Gallant, 22, of Winchester, Kentucky, assigned to the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 12, based in Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in Virginia Beach, Virginia, died on January 26, 2012, while conducting diving operations off the North Carolina coast in the Atlantic Ocean. He is survived by his son Ethan, brother Kyle, mother Elizabeth, and father Joseph.



WODS for the week of 2.11.2018: Dogwood Canyon/Couples Challenge/Vanilla Ice/WODS for the Week

Bass Pro Shops Dogwood Canyon Trail Race

Be sure to register for the Bass Pro Shops Dogwood Canyon Trail Race slated for November 10, 2018 and November 11, 2018.  Registration link can be found at:


We had alot of CFE athlete participation last year.  Come join the fun. And of course Bob Evans afterwards.

Tough Love Co-Ed Couples Competition

TLC 2018 Competition is only 10 days away! 48 teams are slated to compete Saturday Feb. 17th at CrossFit Springfield.  #TLC2018 Workouts will be announced tomorrow evening! Heat assignments will be posted by 12pm on Wednesday Feb. 14th. This event is an Open Division format, meaning the workouts will be challenging, yet accessible/do-able for ALL fitness levels. Most importantly, it’s gonna be a super FUN day! We can’t wait to see everyone soon! 🏆💪🏽

B. Rice Quote of the Week:

In honor of the amount of ice we have been getting, no better way then to quote Vanilla Ice. Word to your mother.

“If there was a problem
Yo, I’ll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it
Ice ice baby Vanilla
Ice ice baby Vanilla
Ice ice baby Vanilla
Ice ice baby Vanilla”  Ice Ice Baby (1990)

Wods for the Week of 2.11.2018:

Short Interval Monday 5:30 p.m.


Workout Description:

3 Set:
500m fast
200m recovery jog
100m sprint
Rest 5:00 between sets

Details: After performing a 15-20 min warm-up involving mobility, dynamics, drills and acceleration sprints begin the workout. Run 500m fast (see pacing instructions below) and then slow immediately into a 200m easy recovery jog and then quickly accelerate into a very fast 100m sprint. Rest 5:00 between each round. This is a very long, full recovery rest which means you need to focus on full recovery and matching or beating each of your 100m sprint times. A 5:00 rest allows almost full recovery of of the energy systems your body is working in. During your long rest, stay on your feet, perform mobility work, walk the track, stay active! The 500’s are faster than your mile PR pace and the 100’s are faster than your 400m PR pace. You will need to focus on a quick and active recovery during the 200’s. Slow to a easy jog but do not lose focus or form during that recovery time.

Your Pace: 500m is faster than mile PR but slower than 400m PR
100m sprint is equal to or faster than your 400m PR

Your Score: What were your times for each round? What were your 100m sprint times? You will score each round separately. Also keep in mind your 100 meter times. Record your 100 m times in the comments.

Training Capacity: V02 Max

Alternate WOD (Weather Related)

Partner Row: 2000 Meters Total. Partner A will row 200 meters, switch, then Partner B rows 200 meters.

20 Minutes AMRAP: (As Many Rounds As Possible)

Jeremey told me about a good workout he did and I thought it would be good for us to try out.

15 Calories Assault Bike

10 Burpees

After each 15 calorie interval on the bike you will perform 10 burpees.

You will score the amount of total rounds recorded in 20 minutes.

Long Interval Thursday 5:30 p.m.

“Peace and Quiet”

Workout Description:

Round 1: 4x 400
w/ 200m recovery jog between reps
Rest 3:00

Round 2: 4x 300
w/200m recovery jog between reps
Rest 3:00

Round 3: 4x 200
w/200m recovery jog between reps

Details: After performing 10-15min of warm-up, mobility, dynamics and drills, begin the workout. Run 400m at a fast pace (see pacing instructions below) with only a 200m recovery jog between reps. During your recovery jogs focus on maintaining proper mechanics and slowing your breathing and clearing the fatigue. Run your recovery jogs at a slow but consistent easy pace. Rest 3:00 and then perform 4x300m in a similar way with only 200m recovery jog between efforts. Rest 3:00 and then perform your last round of 4×200 focusing on maintaining the prescribed pace written below.

Pace: 4×400 @ 1 mile PR pace +1sec/100m
3×300 @ 1mile PR pace -1sec/100
2×200 @ 1mile PR pace -2sec/100

Your Score: You will score each round separately. Also focus on your 400, 300, 200 meter paces each round and fight to hit your paces each time within the workout and fight to hit the same pace for each interval and recovery jog x4.

Training Capacity: Lactate Threshold

Alternate WOD (Weather Related)

“EMOM Day”

Ten Minutes: 

EMOM 50 Double Unders/100 Single Unders

Rest 5 minutes, then:

Twenty Minutes: 

EMOM 10 Burpees over Dumbbell

The feet must come forward to be even with the dumbbell each time. If you are unable to complete the prescribed burpees within the time frame then scale the burpees down to 5 to 7  per minute.






WODS for the Week of 2.4.18: Groundhog Day/Super Bowl Poll/Lets Try to Run Again!

Groundhog Day Strikes Again!

Once again we were flummoxed by the weather and we had to stay inside again. So once again in the honor of Groundhog Day, we will be programming the same running wods as last week. We will see. Alternative WODS will be available and posted.

Super Bowl Sunday!

Who ya got peeps?  Enjoy your Sunday and kick back with some good food and don’t worry about the calories. You will be able to burn it off at CFE the next day.

B. Rice Quote of the Week:

Phil: (to the groundhog) “Don’t drive angry! Don’t drive angry!” Groundhog Day (1993)

WODS for the Week of 2.4.2018:

Short Interval: 5:30 p.m. Monday


Speed and Endurance

Total Distance: 2000 meters

200m sprint
rest 2:00 between each effort

Details: After performing a 15-20 min warm-up involving mobility, dynamics, drills and 3-4 acceleration sprints begin the workout. Run 200m at a very fast aggressive pace, rest 2:00 and then run 200m again. Continue the workout as written above until you have run 10, 200m sprints. See pacing instructions below for further guidance on pacing. Take the full 2:00 rest between each interval. During your rest time, stay on your feet, walk the track, perform some mobility work or even some slow controlled air squats to help your body gain a full recovery between efforts.

Your Pace: Run each 200m at a very fast aggressive pace at or near your 400m PR pace
The rest time between each interval is enough time for almost full recovery of the energy systems we are working within. You should be able to put forward a near ME sprint on each interval. Aim to keep all times within 1-2 seconds of each other.

Your Score: What were each of your 200m interval times? Were you able to maintain all intervals within :1-:2 sec of each other? If not, at what point during the workout did you begin to slow?

Alternate WOD (Weather Permitting)

Endurance Capacity Training:

100/75 Calories Ski Erg for Time.

“Assault Baseline”

(Challenge yourself complete this workout every 6-8 weeks for progress.

60 Cal. Assault Bike

50 Air Squats

40 Sit Ups

30 Push Ups

20 Pull Ups

10 Burpees

For Time.

Long Interval: 5:30 p.m. Thursday

“Negative Split”

Total Workout Time: +40 mintues

Aerobic Threshold

6:00 @ easy pace
:60 sec rest
5:30 @ moderate pace
:90 sec rest
3:00 @ easy pace
:60 sec rest
2:45 @ moderate pace
:90 sec rest
5:00 @ easy pace
:60 sec rest
4:30 sec @ moderate pace
:90 sec rest
2:00 @ easy pace
:60 sec rest
1:45@ moderate pace
:90 sec rest
4:00 @ easy pace
:60 sec rest
3:30 @ moderate pace
:90 sec rest
1:00 @ easy pace
:60 sec rest
:45 sec @ moderate/fast pace

Details: Perform this workout on an out & back flat course. You will run out for 6 min, rest for 1 min and then need to return back to your original starting point in 5 minutes and :30 sec. The rest of the workout continues in this fashion of, out at an easy pace and returning at a moderate to fast pace. Your goal each time will be to return back to your original starting point. You will need to push the returning pace each time to make it back in time. Note the rest time alternates between :60 sec rest and :90 sec rest. If you are unable to perform out and back you can run at the track but you will need to take note of how much distance you covered and then attempt to match the same distance in less time.

Your Pace:  I want to know whether you were able to make it back to your original point each time or at what point during the workout you began to struggle.

Your Score: Take your “easy” pace runs out at a relaxed and conversational pace. You are determining your own volume here. Your returning pace is going to need to be a more aggressive but moderately paced run to reach your original starting point. Record total meters ran on each interval.

Alternate WOD (Weather Permitting)

Endurance Capacity Training:

Partner Row: 4000 meters total for time. Alternate every 200 meters.

Rest to Recovery, then:

“Speed Round”

9 MInute AMRAP: (Pick appropriate weight to cycle through reps quickly)

3 Power Clean (#135/95)

3 Front Squat (#135/95)

3 Push Jerk (#135/95)

9 Calories on Assault Bike