WODS for the Week of 2.25.2018: Adventures with Jenn C./WODS for the Week

Jenn C. Has Left the Building!

Congrats to Coach Jenn C. for competing in a half marathon in Viva Las Vegas. She also met Elvis. Congrats to you and hope you had a good trip.

B. Rice Quote of the Week:

Roy Bacon: “We’re the Flying Elvises. Utah chapter.” (Honeymoon in Vegas, 1992)

WODS for  the Week of 2.25.2018

Short Interval Monday 5:30 pm


Workout Description:

Warm-Up: 5min run at easy pace
Rest 3:00
3 SETS: 10 x 100m at your 1-mile PR pace w/ 30 seconds rest between reps, and 3:00 rest between sets
Rest 3:00
Warm-Down: 5min run at easy pace

Workout Details:

After performing a 10-15min warm-up involving mobility, dynamics and drills, start the workout with a 5:00 easy run, check your HR after your easy run. After the easy run, rest 3:00. The perform 3 sets of run 100m @ your 1 mile PR pace (see pacing instructions below). Rest :30 sec between each interval. Rest 3:00 between each set. A few times throughout the workout take note of your HR. End the WOD with an easy 5min run. The warm-up distance should equal the warm-down distance. What was your HR at the end of the workout?

Your Pace:

Each 100m should be run @ or near your 1 mile PR pace
This pace is going to feel slow-ish for only 100m but note the number of 100m intervals and the minimal rest time between each effort. If you find yourself faster than the prescribed pace, that is fine but make sure to hold that pace throughout the workout and remember we are not working at a sprint pace today but more of a threshold pace.

Your Score:

Score each of three sets, for total time (including the 30 sec rest periods). Also what was your HR after your 5min warm-up run? What was your HR during the workout? What was your HR at the end of your warm-down run?

Methodology: V02

Total Distance: 3000+10 Minutes Easy Run

Long Interval Thursday 5:30 pm


Workout Description:

Start out with a 800 meter easy pace run.

300m fast
100m easy (recovery)
100m ME
100m easy (recovery)

Rest 4:00

Workout Details:

Run 300m at a fast (mile PR pace), run 100m at an easy recovery pace, immediately accelerate into a 100m ME sprint followed by another 100 easy recovery pace. There is no rest between any of the intervals. Make sure to quickly and aggressively accelerate into your 100m ME sprint. Rest 4:00 between each round.

Your Pace:

300m fast @ Mile PR Pace
100m @ an easy recovery pace
100m ME- all out sprint. All 100m sprints should be within 1-2 sec of each other.
100m @ easy recovery pace

Your Score:

You will score each round separately.  Did you meet your 300m pace goal? What were each of your 100m ME sprint times?

Methodology: Lactate Threshold

Total Distance: 3000+800 meter warm-up run.

Alternate WOD: (The Alternate WOD will be used in case of weather or temps or if you just want to get in some Endurance Training on the side)

Endurance Training: 10 Minute EMOM 7/5 calories every minute on the minute.

‘All The Things I Like’

5 Rounds:

15 Burpees

60 Double Unders

15 Calories Assault Bike





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