WODS for Week of 3.4.2018: Rest and Recovery/Wodify Pulse/WODS for the Week

Double Dipping!

We always have athletes who want to join our awesome crew but sometimes we see these athletes joining us after they have just completed a WOD or looking to do the WOD after CFE Class. Please take a look at this great article from OG Elizabeth Koch in regards to REST and RECOVERY.  If you don’t rest you will end up looking like Tom Ley below.  Check it out below:

Rest and Recovery!

By Elizabeth Koch

So, a common question that has come up recently with the start of our endurance group is how to add CFE into your current workout schedule. “So do I do the WOD first, then do endurance group? Should I skip the WOD and just run? Should I run and then do the WOD?”….. You get the point! Before I break it down, allow me to make one point, if I may, as I climb up on my soapbox…QUALITY OVER QUANTITY, LESS IS MORE!!!! I believe strongly in these principles in almost everything that I do, especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition! Keep it smart and simple!

If you follow the Crossfit Endurance page at all, and have read their FAQ section or the About Us section of our blog, you will notice that we suggest you perform your endurance workouts 3+ hours before or after you do your regular CF WOD or let it be your only workout. As in anything you do though you need to approach this rule considering who you are and what your goals are. Why are you coming to the endurance group? Are you training for an upcoming endurance event? Gearing up for the CF Open? Wanting to improve your running form and skill? Or do you just love Kristy, Melissa, Chad and me that much? I agree with the CFE prescription of waiting at least 3 hours before or after a CF WOD to perform your endurance work, but I also understand that life does not always allow us to come to the gym twice a day, or you may not want to come twice a day. Here are my recommendations for rest and recovery when it comes to endurance work:

1. If you are serious about your training and have a specific event you are working towards (½ marathon, marathon, triathlon, serious Games competitor) try your hardest to give your body that recovery it needs so that you can get the most out of each one of your training sessions.  If you want to hit both a CFE WOD and a CF WOD in the same day, aim for one workout in the AM and then the other in the PM. (i.e. hit the 6am WOD in the morning and then swing in for some endurance at 5PM).

2. If you are not used to performing multiple workouts in a day and don’t have a desire to, then don’t! On Mon/Thurs or Tues/Thurs, make Endurance group your only workout.

4. If you can’t or don’t want to recover at least 3+ hours between workouts, then approach one workout in a scaled fashion (i.e. 4pm CF WOD followed by Endurance group at 5, but maybe only perform 6 intervals when the workout is written 6-12 x200). Or you could do the endurance WOD for the day, and only perform the strength portion of the daily WOD if it is written that way.

The point I want you to take away from this is that if you choose to perform two workouts back-to-back, something, somewhere is probably going to give. If you PR your deadlift inside the box, followed by your best Fran time ever, chances are you are going to be feeling it outside during those 800 repeats. The basic principle of Crossfit is constantly varied, functional fitness at high intensity. If you are hitting multiple workouts in a row with little to no recovery between them your ability to maintain high intensity will be compromised thus reducing the effectiveness of your workout and training session. The purpose of the 3+ hours between workouts is to allow your body time to recover and rebuild.

From the CFE site: “We recommend the 3+ hour recovery time set up just for that reason, Recover! These intervals are meant to be done at high intensity. If you do the CFE WOD 10 min after the CFE S&C WOD, we can promise you that your workout will suffer for it. The second wod will not be of the quality and intensity that we would like to see. We do understand that you can only do what your schedule permits, but back to back WODs will not be “As hard as you can go”.”

Happy Running- Elizabeth

WODIFY Pulse @Crossfit Springfield!

We are so excited to announce the implementation of Wodify Pulse powered by MyZone at CrossFit Springfield!

Wodify Pulse is group heart rate training with Myzone activity belts, the most accurate fitness trackers on the market. We’re implementing the system to give you a clearer picture of what you accomplish both inside and outside the gym.

We will be placing a bulk order of belts at a significant discount from the retail price to get the gym set up. The only fee you will ever have to get set up on this system is the cost for your personalized, Bluetooth MyZone heart rate monitoring belt.

For more info about the MyZone system visit myzone.org.

If you would like for information on cost and to reserve your belt, please email jenny@crossfit-springfield.com. There will also be a sign-up sheet at the gym on March 1 to place your order there. Payments will be billed through Wodify unless specified by the member otherwise.

We hope to have all belts ordered and Go-Live with Wodify Pulse by the end of March!

B. Rice Quote of the Week

WODS for the Week of 3.4.2018

Short Interval Monday 5:30 pm


Workout Description

Set 1: 7 x :15 sec sprint; rest 1:00 btwn each effort; after each sprint you will either be starting at the 200m turnaround mark or the start line.
Set 2: 5 x :30 sec sprint; rest 1:30 btwn each effort; after each sprint you will start at the 400m turnaround or start line.
Set 3: 3 x :45 sec sprint ; rest 2:00 btwn each effort; after each sprint you will start at the 600m turnaround or start line.

Workout Details:

Take at least 20+ minutes to warm-up as needed before beginning the workout. Make sure to spend some time focusing on your hamstrings to prepare for the aggressive sprinting in this workout. Perform the workout as written above with no additional rest btwn the rounds of 7-5 and 3. See pacing details below. Following the workout, take time to cool-down as needed.

Your Pace:

Target the following approximate distances throughout the workout:

:15 sec sprints- faster. You will be covering a distance from approximately 50 meters up to 100m per interval.

:30 sec sprints- @ 400m PR pace. Take your 400m PR pace and calculate your 100m interval pace. If your 400m PR pace is 1:30, then your first 100m interval should be around :23 seconds.  Aim for that first 100m interval time and then try to get as far as you can after that.  Try to maintain the same distance on each interval.  You will be covering a distance from approximately 100m up to 200m each interval.

:45 sec sprints- slower. You will be covering a distance from approximately 150m up to 300m each interval.

Your Score:

Record Total Approximate Distance covered on each prescribed set.



Total Meters:

Estimate 2000 meters.

Long Interval Thursday 5:30 pm

“Air Theft”

Workout Description:

800 m Easy, 400 m Fast, 800 m Easy;

Rest :10 seconds

600 m Easy, 400 m Fast, 600 m Easy;

Rest :10 seconds

400 m Easy, 400 m Fast, 400 m Easy;

Rest :10 seconds

200 m Easy, 400 m Fast, 200 m Easy;

Rest THREE Minutes;

400 m Easy, 200 m Fast, 400 m Easy;

Rest :10 seconds

300 m Easy, 200 m Fast, 300 m Easy;

Rest :10 seconds

200 m Easy, 200 m Fast, 200 m Easy;

Rest :10 seconds

100 m Easy, 200 m Fast, 100 m Easy.


Workout Details:

This is a long grind, and the distance on your feet–although mostly easy–will make your FAST intervals a challenge! We’ve done quite a bit of sprint work lately. Time to embrace some mileage peeps. We will be doing a light stretch and get going on this one as soon as we can. Please be ready to run and and show up promptly at 5:30 pm so we can get going on this one.

Your Pace:

Use your 1-Mile PR pace to determine your 400m and 200m FAST intervals. Aim for at or faster than your PR pace. Easy paces should be conversational pace.

Your Score:

Score your FAST intervals only. You will record 4x400m and 4x200m intervals. In the comment section please note if you hit your paces or not.


Aerobic Threshold

Total Meters:

8400 Meters

MONDAY Alternate WOD (Weather Permitting)

Endurance Training Capacity:

100 Calories Assault Bike for Time.

Rest and Recover.

Every 2 minutes for 6 minutes:

35 Double Unders

8 Burpee Over Bar

Max Deadlifts (115/80) in remainder of time.

Rest 1 Minute;

35 Double Unders

8 Burpee Over Bar

Max Power Cleans (115/80) in remainder of time.

Rest 1 Minute;

35 Double Unders

8 Burpee Over Bar

Max Shoulder to OH (115/80) in remainder of time.

Score is Total Amount of Max Reps completed in each interval.

THURSDAY Alternate WOD (Weather Permitting)

Endurance Capacity Training:

100 Calories for Time on the C2 Rower

Partner WOD

3 Rounds for Time with Partner (*30 Minute Time Cap)

Every 25 rep increment completed, Partner A and B will perform (5)Synchro Burpees. The only time the KB can hit the ground is when you complete your burpees every 25 reps.

100 KB Swings 55/35

100 Goblet Squats 55/35

Score is Total Time.










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