Crossfit Springfield Endurance WODS for the Week of 3.11.2018

The Journey……………….

What is your definition of greatness?  Do you believe in your ideas?  Do you work hard to achieve your goals? Have you done something lately to be proud of?  These are many questions we deal with daily and often we have no answers or struggle to find answers.  Keep this in mind when you are going to tackle your ideas or goals. “If they truly serve to better you…run toward, not away, from the things that scare you.” Thanks Jenn C. for your words of wisdom this week.

Happy Birthday Shout Out!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Koch.  Our CFE community hopes you have a blessed birthday.

Random Bitmoji Fact from your Coaches

The world record for a mile by a race horse is 1:32.1. Hay! That’s fast.

WODS for the Week of 3.11.2018.

This is the time of the year we start seeing increases in our class size and more daylight. Looking forward to serving and helping you achieve your running goals. Also take a look at our WODS for the week. Also a reminder to meet back in the southwest corner of the gym prior to class by our CFE Board. Thanks.

Monday Short Interval 5:30 pm

“Fifty Fifty” (Chris Hinshaw)

Workout Description

5x (Rounds)

50m easy
50m sprint
50m easy
50m sprint
50m easy
50m sprint
50m easy
50m sprint

no rest between reps
3:00 rest between sets

Workout Details

After performing a 15-20 min warm-up involving mobility, dynamics, drills and acceleration sprints begin the workout with 50m at an easy recovery pace. Then very quickly and very aggressively accelerate into a 50m sprint. Continue alternating between 50m very slow and 50m very fast for a total of 4 reps. Rest 3:00 between each set.

Your Pace

This workout has 2 paces: very slow and very fast. Your 50m easy runs are to be done at a recovery pace, no walking! Your 50m sprint intervals are to be done very very fast. Take note of your average time during your 50m sprints but do not be too concerned with timing each interval. Focus on very quickly accelerating into your 50m sprints.

Your Score

Use your watch to time each round and take note of your 50m sprint intervals if you can but I don’t want you focusing on messing with your watch too much. Focus on putting forward a really aggressive sprint effort. What was your time for each round?


Speed Endurance/VO2 Max

Total Meters

2000 Meters = 1.243 Miles

Long Interval Thursday 5:30

“HOMEWORK” (Chris Hinshaw)

Workout Description

1x1000m jog, 1 min rest
2x 500m, 1 min rest between each effort

1x800m jog, 1min rest
2x400m, 1 min rest between each effort

1x600m jog, 1 min rest
2x300m, 1 min rest between each effort

1x400m jog, 1 min rest
2x200m, 1 min rest between each effort

Workout Details

Warm-up as needed. The workout begins with a 1000m jog at a conversational pace rest 1 min and then perform 2x500m with 1 min rest between each effort. Continue the workout as written above in this fashion. The 1000, 800, 600 and 400m runs are all to be done at a conversational but consistent pace. The other intervals are paced at your 1 mile PR pace. See pacing instructions below for specific paces.

Your Pace

2x 500m @ Mile PR Pace
2x 400m @ Mile PR Pace
2x 300m @ Mile PR Pace
2x200m @ Mile PR Pace

Don’t forget to do your HOMEWORK. HA. Get it. That’s the name of the WOD.

Your Score

What were your 500, 400, 300 and 200m interval times? Your score will be your 2x Intervals at the prescribed meters.  You will have 8 separate timed intervals.


Lactate Threshold

Total Meters

5600 meters= 3.48 miles



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