WODS for the Week of 3.25.2018

Shout Out to  CFS Community!

This is our community and Crossfit Springfield Endurance is proud to be part of this huge family.  Big turnout at the Crossfit BBQ this past Saturday to celebrate the conclusion of the Crossfit Games Open.

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WODS for the Week of 3.25.2018

The site is a little abbreviated this week but still good content.

Short Interval Monday 5:30 pm

Trojan Horse (Koch)

Workout Description

Part 1:
10x (100 m sprint then 1:00 walk)
Rest 5:00 btwn rounds
Part 2. 1x 400m Max effort

Workout Details

After performing a long warm-up of at least 20+ minutes with jogging, mobility, dynamics, drill work and accleration sprints, begin the workout.
Part 1: Run 100m at a near ME pace ( see pacing instructions below) then walk for 1:00. Repeat for a total of 10 rounds. Rest 5:00 and then repeat again for a second round. After you have completed your second round of 10×100, rest 5:00 and run 1x400m at a ME pace.

Your Pace

This is a very high intensity sprint workout. Aim to run each of your 100m sprints and 400m sprint at or near a pace of your Mile PR Pace or below.

Your Score

What was your average 100m sprint time? You will score each 100m sprint. There will be three separate scores. You will record total time it takes to complete the 10×100 sprints x2.

You will also score your 400m Max Effort time.


Speed Endurance

Total Distance

2400 Meters = 1.491 miles

Alternate WOD (Weather Permitting)

Buy In: 60 Double Unders (Scale with Singles)

Follow Rep Scheme (Perform 12 Alternate DB Snatches then 12 Cals on Rower; then 16, 20, 24, 20,16,12)


Alternate Dumbell Snatch 50/35

Calories on the Rower

Buy Out: 60 Double Unders (Scale with Singles)

Score it Total Time.

Long Interval Thursday 5:30 pm

Tuck and Roll (Hinshaw)

Workout Description

4X500 w/:40 second rest between intervals.

5 Minute Rest that includes a 300 m Easy walk/jog.

4X300 w/:40 second rest between intervals.

5 Minute Rest that includes a 300 m Easy walk/jog.

4×400 w/:40 second rest between intervals.

5 Minute Rest that includes a 300 m Easy walk/jog.

4×200 w/:40 second rest between intervals.

Workout Details

After performing 10 – 15 minutes of stretching and warming up, begin the workout.

Your Pace

200m Intervals=Mile PR Pace

300m Intervals=Mile PR Pace+:03 seconds slower

400m Intervals=Mile PR Pace+:04 seconds slower

500 m Intervals=Mile PR Pace+:05 seconds slower

Your Score

You will have four separate scores. You will score the 4x intervals for time on each varying distance.


Lactate Threshold

Total Distance

5600 meters = 3.48 miles

Alternate WOD

30 Minutes (10 Rounds)

Every 3 Minute Increment:

12/9 Calories Assault Bike

15/12 Box Overs (Guys ’24/Gals ’20)

Record times in each round. Try to maintain same interval time.







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