WODS for the Week of 4.29.18: Pace Calculation Revisited/OMRR Frisco Run Recap

CFE representing at the 10th Annual Ozarks Greenways-OMRR Frisco Railroad Run Congrats to this crew for finishing the 8K (From Left to Right: Steve and Kara Boehmer, Zach and Chelsea Houser, Jon and Sarah Sharp) Also shout out to Dana Coale to finishing First in the 50K in her age group.  Great Job. Coaches Corner-PaceContinue reading “WODS for the Week of 4.29.18: Pace Calculation Revisited/OMRR Frisco Run Recap”

WODS for the Week of 4.22.2018

Elizabeth Koch Continues her goal to get to the Boston Marathon. For those who don’t Elizabeth Koch, she is the creator and a core foundation of the Crossfit Springfield Endurance program.  She has had several travels following her family around and has obtained a momentous achievement by running a 3:38:33 marathon time.  This time was Continue reading “WODS for the Week of 4.22.2018”

WODS for the Week 4.08.18

Empowering the People Around You. The coaches want to shout out to the people who truly make our endurance classes the best.  We often use different avenues of motivation, leadership and mentorship.  We recently came across a passage from the Tony Dungy book “The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge.”  In particular we came acrossContinue reading “WODS for the Week 4.08.18”