WODS for the Week 4.08.18

Empowering the People Around You.

The coaches want to shout out to the people who truly make our endurance classes the best.  We often use different avenues of motivation, leadership and mentorship.  We recently came across a passage from the Tony Dungy book “The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge.”  In particular we came across a daily challenge in regards to leadership.  To quote the challenge, “…Instead leadership…is all about serving others…It’s about helping them become better at whatever we are leading them in and helping them ultimately fulfill their potential in whatever setting they find themselves…”  As a overall philosophy, the coaches want to give kudos to those around us.  We want to help you become the best athlete or even person you can be.  What is your example of leadership?  Our coaches will say, “…I came to serve and not be served.”

Weather Issues Continue

The weather has been crazy this spring.  We will continue to monitor the weather each week and try to get outside, but always be prepared for our alternate WODS.  Thanks for the continued attendance to our classes. It is much appreciated.

Workouts of the Week 4.08.18

Short Interval 5:30 pm-4.9.18

400M Time Trial

This will be an all out effort by each athlete.  Rest and Recover.


“All Smiles” (E. Koch)

Workout Description

Rest 2:00 between each effort

Rest 1:30 between each effort

Rest 1:00 between each effort

Workout Details

After  performing a 15-20 min warm-up involving mobility, dynamics, drills and 2-3 acceleration sprints begin the workout. Run 400 meters x 3, resting 2:00 between each effort. After resting 2:00 after your 2nd 400, run 300m resting 1:30 between each effort for a total of 4 rounds. After resting 1:30 after your 3rd 300, run 5x200m resting 1:00 between each effort. See pacing instructions below. Focus on consistent effort for all intervals.

Your Pace

400m @ Mile PR Pace
300m @ Mile PR Pace
200m @Mile PR Pace

Your Score

This workout will be for total time.


Lactate Threshold

Total Distance

3400 Meters=2.113 Miles

Thursday Long Interval 5:30 pm-4.12.18

Mile Time Trial

This will be an all out effort by each athlete.  Rest and Recover.


Each athlete will do a recovery jog/walk mile and some mobility and stretching back in the gym. The coaches will also sit down and record the athletes mile times into WODIFY.


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