WODS for the Week of 5.27.2018: Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

Salute to our veterans and service personnel this week who keep us safe and allow us to enjoy our freedoms and privileges.

Memorial Day Murph

Join the Crossfit community tomorrow at Kickapoo High School for the Memorial Day Murph. The WOD will kick off at 9:00 am.  Photo courtesy above from Joe and a Camera.

WODS for the Week of 5.27.2018


There will be no classes at Crossfit Springfield Endurance. Please join us at the Community Murph WOD at Kickapoo High School.

Thursday Long Interval 5.31.2018 5:30 pm

team tosh

Workout Description:

In Teams of 2
3 Rounds:
200 Meter Run
400 Meter Run
600 Meter Run

Workout Details:

One athlete works at a time. Rest the time it takes partner to complete each interval.

Your Pace:

Focus on your pace and look to go at your MILE PR pace on every interval. Utilize your rest periods effectively.

Methodology:  Speed Endurance     Total Distance:   3600=2.237 miles

Scoring:       WOD is for total time.



WODS for the Week of 5.20.2018

WODS for the Week of 5.20.2018

Short Interval 5.21.2018 5:30 pm


Workout Description:

600m run

3:00 minute rest

500m run

2:30 minute rest

400m run

2:00 minute rest

300m run

1:30 minute rest

200m run

1:00 minute rest

100m run

:30 second rest



Workout Details:

The workout is designed to hit the distances in a pyramid scheme starting with the biggest interval first down to a smaller sprint interval and decreasing rest periods. Focus on recovery and hitting the aggressive pace for this workout.

Your Pace:

All intervals will be at your Mile PR pace or faster. Try to maintain these paces and recover enough to obtain the paces.

Methodology:  Speed Endurance     Total Distance:   2150 meters= 1.30 miles

Scoring:       WOD is for total time.

Long Interval 5.24.2018 5:30 pm

hard charging

Workout Description:

5 Rounds:

400m @ Moderate Pace

100m at easy pace

200m at fast or 2k PR pace

100m at easy pace


Rest 2:00 between rounds

Workout Details:

This workout is structured to provide less rest between reps, disallowing complete recovery between reps. Therefore, you must strive to keep from “red-lining” too early in the round in order to meet your paces throughout the workout.

Your Pace:

Fast pace=2k PR pace or faster; Moderate pace=2k PR pace + 8-10 sec/500m; Sprint pace=you guessed it…max effort!

Methodology:  Lactate Threshold     Total Distance:   4500m = 2.80 miles

Scoring:       WOD is for total time.


WODS for the Week of 5.13.18: Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Not only are mom’s smart and beautiful, they are also strong and determined.

Crossfit Endurance wants to thank all the endless times are moms took care of us and watched out for us.  Happy Mother’s Day from all of your coaches at Crossfit Springfield Endurance.

Hot Weather Coming!

It wasn’t too long ago we were battling the cold and winter blues. The hot weather is coming and please ensure you come to class with hydration.  We also recognize that hot weather brings potential health hazards. Please ensure to let the coaches know if your feeling overheated or dizzy.  We don’t want our athletes to put themselves in any position where they might overheat.

WODS for the Week of 5.13.18

(Week Four of Twelve Week Interval)

Monday Short Interval (5.14.18) 5:30 pm


Workout Description:

Three Sets:

500 Meters Fast, 200 Meter Recovery Jog, 100 Meter Sprint. No rest between intervals.

Rest 5:00 minutes between sets.

Workout Details:

ALL your attention should be on your opening 500m interval. Pick an aggressive pace for your first set, and then repeat this pace for sets two and three. The race course will have each athlete run to the 500 meter turnaround and back. Then the athlete will do a recovery jog to the 200 meter turnaround and back. You will then sprint 100 meters to the 200 meter turnaround. Done.

Your Pace:

This WOD has three different paces. Your 500m pace must be faster than your mile PR pace, but slower than your 400m PR pace. Your 100m sprint pace must be equal to or faster than your 400m PR pace. Use your 200m recovery jog in order to hit your 100m pace goal.

Your Score:

The wod is for total time.


V02 Max

Total Distance:

2400 meters= 1.491 miles.

Thursday Long Interval (5.17.18) 5:30 pm


Workout Description:

8 Sets

200 Meters at Moderate Pace

200 Meter Sprint

400 Meter Recovery Jog

There is no rest between each set.

Workout Details:

Your race course will be have each athlete run to the 400 turnaround meter mark at a moderate pace. At the 400 meter turnaround you will sprint to the 800 meter turnaround mark.  Once you reach the 800 meter turnaround mark you will run back to start line for your 400 meter recovery jog. You will repeat this seven more times. Even though this wod feels like a sprint you end up running a total of four miles.

Your Pace:

Aim to keep your moderate pace consistent, and utilize your recovery jogs to regain control of your breathing following the sprint. There should be three distinct and notable change between each of the three paces. The moderate pace should be 1-2 seconds slower per 100 meters from your Mile PR pace.  The sprint should be at or below your Mile PR pace. The recovery jog pace is at easy pace and conversational pace.

Your Score:

The WOD is for total time.


Aerobic Threshold

Total Distance:

6400 meters=3.97 miles




WODS for the Week of 5.6.2018: May the Force Be With You

Thelma and Louise(x2) take Down the Buffalo River Biathlon.

Congrats to some of our CFE and CFS athletes who competed recently at the Buffalo River State Park in Arkansas in the Buffalo River Biathlon.  These gals tackled the biathlon with a canoe and trail race portion. Congrats to Kristy Taylor, Barb Wallace, Tori Kubick and Allison Gregory.  Looks like a little bit Thelma and Louise, Cousin Eddie RV, and  Deliverance (Banjo music optional)

All The Lovely Things

Coach Jennifer Cochran has taken a leap of faith and is now blogging.  Please check out her blog and feel free to take in her encouragement.  It’s a great read. Check it out below:



WODS for the Week of 5.6.18

Week Three of Twelve Week Cycle

Monday (5.7.18) Short Interval 5:30 pm

NorCal Fiber (Hinshaw)

Workout Description:

6×600 meter runs

300m at fast to moderate pace, 100m at mile PR pace, 200m at Max Effort.
200m recovery jog plus 3:00 additional rest between efforts
(Run Course: Run to 300m turnaround and back; Run to 50m turnaround and back; Run to 400m turnaround (200m); Jog back to start line from 400m turnaround(200m); Rest 3:00 minutes. Repeat this run course five (5) more times.
But WAIT!!! You’re not done!!!
Load up the sleds for MORE muscle recruitment! Sled Loads M=4 x 45  F=2 x 45, 2 x 25
FINISH with 4 x 50m sled push with 200m recovery jog between first efforts.
Sled Course: Set up sleds at start line. You will push 25 meters down and back.

Workout Details:

The purpose of the opening 300m is to create muscular fatigue.  The 100m is to increase the number of recruited fibers.  The final 200m teaches you to use those recruited fibers when fatigued.
This is not a jog, walk, run workout. 
This is a HARDER, HARD, HARDEST workout.
The sleds. Well they are just there to increase your aerobic capacity. DUH.

Your Pace:

There will be three different paces to this workout.  The opening 300m is intended to be moderate to fast pace. So calculate your 300m Mile PR pace and maybe go 3-5 seconds slower. The 100m run is at your Mile PR pace and the final 200m is a max effort.  The recovery jog will be at your pace.

Your Score:

The wod is for total time. Don’t Include the sleds. That’s just extra credit.


Strength Endurance

Total Distance:

3600 meters=2.24 miles.

200 meters of sleds.

Long Interval (5.10.18) Thursday 5:30 pm

Molasses (Hinshaw)

Workout Description:


300m run, 200m jog, 200m run, 100m walk, 400m run (1200 Meters)

Rest 2:00 between each set.

Run Course: Run to 300m turnaround and back; 200m turnaround and back; walk to 50m turnaround and back; run to 400m turnaround and back. That’s one set. Rest 2:00. Repeat this run course three more times.

Workout Details:

The 200m jog should be a recovery pace.  This will incorporate various paces and recovery jogs.

Your Pace:

Your 300m, 200m, and 400m run intervals must have the same pace. Target a pace that is between 1-2sec/100m slower than your 1-mile PR pace. For example, an athlete with a mile PR of 8:00 (or 30sec/min) would target their 300m at 1:24-1:27, their 200m at 56-58 sec, and their 400m at 1:52-1:56.

Your Score:

WOD is for total time.


V02 Max

Total Distance:

4800 meters= 3.00 miles