WODS for the Week of 5.20.2018

WODS for the Week of 5.20.2018

Short Interval 5.21.2018 5:30 pm


Workout Description:

600m run

3:00 minute rest

500m run

2:30 minute rest

400m run

2:00 minute rest

300m run

1:30 minute rest

200m run

1:00 minute rest

100m run

:30 second rest



Workout Details:

The workout is designed to hit the distances in a pyramid scheme starting with the biggest interval first down to a smaller sprint interval and decreasing rest periods. Focus on recovery and hitting the aggressive pace for this workout.

Your Pace:

All intervals will be at your Mile PR pace or faster. Try to maintain these paces and recover enough to obtain the paces.

Methodology:  Speed Endurance     Total Distance:   2150 meters= 1.30 miles

Scoring:       WOD is for total time.

Long Interval 5.24.2018 5:30 pm

hard charging

Workout Description:

5 Rounds:

400m @ Moderate Pace

100m at easy pace

200m at fast or 2k PR pace

100m at easy pace


Rest 2:00 between rounds

Workout Details:

This workout is structured to provide less rest between reps, disallowing complete recovery between reps. Therefore, you must strive to keep from “red-lining” too early in the round in order to meet your paces throughout the workout.

Your Pace:

Fast pace=2k PR pace or faster; Moderate pace=2k PR pace + 8-10 sec/500m; Sprint pace=you guessed it…max effort!

Methodology:  Lactate Threshold     Total Distance:   4500m = 2.80 miles

Scoring:       WOD is for total time.


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