WODS for the Week of 6.3.2018

Congratulation to Barb and Claudia!

Barb and Claudia completed there first 25K Trail Run Race at the War Eagle Trail Run at Hobbs State Park in Rogers, Arkansas. We are proud of your accomplishment and being awesome.

WODS for the Week of 6.3.2018

Short Interval Monday (6.4.2018) 5:30 pm

2000 meter time trial/abs for days

Workout Description:

2000 Meter Time Trial

Recover with a 800 meter walk. The coach will lead a post recovery cool down and stretching session.


We will conduct a ab session to end the class.

Workout Detail:

The goal is to push your limits with a max effort 2000 meter time trial.

Your Pace:

The pace is all out effort on the 2000 meter time trial.

Methodology: Speed Endurance  Total Distance: 2000 meters

Scoring: You will score for total time.

Long Interval 6.7.2018 (5:30 pm)


Workout Description:

Two X (1000 meter run, 800 meter run, 500 meter run, 300 meter run)

1000 meters at your Mile PR pace +:30 seconds.

200 meter easy jog

800 meters at your Mile PR pace + :24 seconds.

200 meter easy jog

500 meters at your Mile PR pace + :15 seconds.

200 meter walk

300 meter HOT!

200 meter walk.

2:00 minute rest. After the two minute rest, you will complete the above cycle again for time.

Workout Details:

The goal is to control your pace in the first 1000 m. The pace for this will feel easy. However this is a continuous effort from the 1000s to the 500s. That’s 2700 meters. Although the recovery during your 200m jog (slowly as needed) will be important, but the  most important recovery is the 200m walk after the 500s because the 300m pace is fast. After your hot 300, walk the prescribed 200m plus take your 2 minute additional rest between sets, then go get that 2nd round.

Your Pace:

You will calculate your Mile PR pace for the 1000m, 800m, 500m distances. You will add :30 seconds to your 1000m, :24 seconds to your 800m, and :15 seconds  to your 500m.


The goal is to hit your target paces and recover yourself for that hot 300m.  Keep focused on nailing these times. Your 300m pace should be noticeably faster than the others. Focus on your 300m pace to be at or below your Mile PR pace.

Methodology: Lactate Threshold Total Distance: 6800 meters= 4.225 miles

Scoring: You will score TWO separate rounds, not counting the 2:00 rest.


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