WODs for the Week of 7/1/18

Coach Darnell…

Image may contain: Darnell 'justcallmePeter' Hardy, smiling, standing and beard

…Get Well, Friend! Love, CFE

Darnell, praying for a successful surgery and complete healing for you! We miss you so much and cannot wait for you to be back! Stay strong! You got this! –Melissa Blankenship

Darnell, our thoughts and prayers are with you…get well soon. We miss you! –Jerry and Julie Stewart

Darnell, First, I love that you have kept your sense of humor; you definitely do need a better photo on the fund site. 🙂 Secondly, you got this friend. You live your life with self-consciousness which will see you through this. An exceptional man once wrote, “Sometimes, the longest way around is the shortest way home.” We love you! –Sandy Frye


Darnell, sending positive thoughts your way. You know I love ya!! –Laura Evans

Hi Darnell!! Derek and I are sending our love to you!! We are your biggest cheerleaders for a full and speedy recovery…but you don’t wanna see Derek in a skirt. 😉 We will keep you in our prayers for a flawless surgery and full recovery! See your pretty face soon. We miss you! Love you lots! –Derek and Summer Rund

Darnell, we still have to race when you get out. Praying for you. –Nick Delamora

Darnell, we look forward to seeing your joyful face back at the gym ASAP! Praying faithfully for your complete healing and recovery! –Jen C, BRice, and Allison

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This Week’s WODs

Short Interval (M 5:30pm):  “Sparkler”

1 x 400m, rest 60 seconds

2 x 300m w/ 100m walk between reps

Rest 3:00

1 x 400m, rest 60 seconds

3 x 200m w/ 100m walk between reps

Rest 3:00

1 x 400m, rest 60 seconds

4 x 100m w/ 100m walk between reps

WOD Notes:  Manage your rest well; be prepared to meet your pace for each interval

WOD Pace:   Use your 1-mile PR pace

Methodology:    VO2 Max      Total Distance:      2800m      Scoring:      WOD is for total time

Related image


Long Interval (T 5:30pm):  “Biscuit”

>Minutes 0-5:00

800m run (*note: scale to 6:00 if your 400m run hits 4:00 or above)

Pace for the 800m distance:  add 60 seconds to your mile PR (i.e. if your 1-mile PR pace is 6:40, pace the 800 on a 7:40 mile)

>Minutes 5:00-8:00

400m run at 1-mile PR pace

>Minutes 8:00-10:00

200m run at your 1-mile PR GOAL pace, followed by a 200m walk

After 200m walk, give yourself a 10-second setup at start line, then GO!!!

Repeat the above sequence TWO more times.

Three rounds total.

WOD Notes:  Restart your watches to zero at the beginning of each round. Also, bring your watch. 🙂

Methodology:     Biscuit/BRice Threshold 🙂     Total Distance:        Scoring:   Score each of three rounds separately





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