WODS for the Week of 7.22.2018: CFE Challenges/New Cycle Starting/WODS/Quote of the Week

The Thunder Rolls………………

We had a crazy end to last weeks HERO WOD Thursday with some crazy storms rolling through at the end of our wod.  Thanks to those who all came out and endured the crazy weather.  Just a reminder to be safe during severe weather.

Quote of the Week

Nicely said.

CFE Challenges

We intend to keep throwing out challenges every month and this also will include stuff not related to working out.  This week I challenge our athletes to:

Help Someone and Put there Equipment Away for them.

Meet someone new at the gym.

Encourage someone during a workout.

WODS for the Week of 7.22.2018

(Week 1 of 12)

Short Interval Monday (7.23.2018) @5:30 pm


Workout Description:

3 Rounds:

3 x 300 meter runs w/100 meter walk in between intervals.

Rest 3:00 minutes between rounds.

Then, we will continue the trend to get some ab work if there is enough time after the wod.

Workout Detail:

Ensure to meet your paces on each 300 m interval. There is short rest time and the workout should be a fast pace with quick intervals.

Your Pace:

Each 300 meter interval should be at your Mile PR pace or below.

Your Score:

The workout is for total time.

Methodology: V02 Max Total Distance: 2700 meters = 1.67 miles for runs only. 

Long Interval Thursday (7.26.2018) @5:30 pm

butt grab

Workout Description:

The recovery rates are almost equal to 1:1 ratio.

6×400. :90 second rest in between each interval.


8×200. :60 second rest in between each interval.


12×100. :30 second rest in between each interval.

Workout Detail:

The goal is to recover and maintain your paces for each interval. The runs will increase and become more challenging as you go, but remember to achieve maximum rest time and hit the intervals with some intensity.  This will be a moderate pace to eventually a fast pace workout. The total meters will be equivalent to a 5K but in short quantities.

Your Pace:

The 400 meter intervals will be at a moderate pace.  You will be looking to be :12 to :20 seconds slower than your Mile PR pace. Focus on staying consistent on your 400 meter intervals.

The 200 meter intervals will be at your Mile PR pace or faster.

The 100 meter intervals will be at your Mile PR pace or faster.

Your Score:

The workout will be for total time.

Methodology: Lactate Threshold Total Distance: 5200 meters=3.2 miles





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