WODS for the Week of 9.9.2018: JUST BARK AT IT/9-11/Athlete Appreciation/Season Changes/CFE September Monthly Challenge/WODS for the Week.



We at CFE would like to take a moment to present with you important social commentary.

Life is to short, love freely, laugh or bark often, and don’t take life to serious.

When life or social media is dragging you down, JUST BAARRRKKK AT IT!


Also sometime this week take a moment to pray and reflect and think about those who were affected during this day.

9/11.  Always Remember.

CFE Coaches want to shout out to our Athletes! We appreciate you!

We often get caught up in life and sometimes forget as coaches that this is your one hour to get away and forget the days stresses.   We strive to be the best coaches and will look to make this the most enjoyable hour possible.  Thanks so much for the many memories and opportunities you provide us to make you better athletes and people.  We all love you and are very blessed to have this community in our lives.

Aftermath from Last Thursday Long Interval.

PIctured from Left to Right: Nick, Summer, Sarah, Rodmy, Jenn Smith, Jenn Taylor, Claudia, Sandy, and KT planking.

Fall Weather and Seasons Changing!

Just a reminder that the seasons are changing and this is the time of the year that rain and cooler weather will start popping up here and there. We will strive to be outside as much as possible, but sometimes the weather will keep us inside. We will continue to program and adjust accordingly.  Thanks for the patience you show us when we have to change things up a bit.  We will start posting alternate WODS if the weather keeps us inside.

And also we know that one athlete in class who immediately puts on cold weather gear at the first hint of cold weather.

Pictured Below: Sarah


With HOA Season upon us, here is a dicey little nugget to try.

Five Minutes AMRAP:

Guys: Assault Bike 10 calories then 7 Burpees. As many rounds as possible in five minutes.

Gals: Assault Bike 7 calories then 5 burpees. As many rounds as possible in five minutes.

Partner up and go for seven minutes if you can.  It’s a spicy little nugget.

WODS for the Week of 9.9.2018

Monday Short Interval (9.10.18) @5:30 pm


Workout Description:

12 x 400 with 90 seconds rest between efforts (Try to hold 1-3 seconds from your MILE PR pace either faster or slower.)

Workout Detail:

Workout is designed to test your capacity and your mental strength.  Focus on holding your MILE PR pace throughout the workout during each interval. It’s pretty simple concept, but 400m repeats are a good test for the endurance athlete. Strive to get to six and then slowly start chipping away at the last few intervals.

Your Pace:

MILE PR Pace plus :01 to :03 seconds faster or slower than your Mile PR pace.

Your Score:

This is for Total Time.

Methodology: Speed Endurance Total Distance: 4800 meters= 2.983

Thursday Long Interval (9.13.18) @5:30 pm

on point

Workout Description:

1200 meters moderate , 200 meter very slow recovery jog, 400 meter fast.

3:00 minute rest.

1000 meters moderate, 200 meter very slow recovery jog, 400 meter fast.

3:00 minute rest.

800 meter moderate, 200 meter very slow recovery jog, 400 meter fast.

3:00 minute rest.

600 meter moderate, 200 meter very slow recovery jog, 400 meter fast.


Workout Detail:

This workout is designed to take you from a moderate intensity to near crawl and then a fast pace.  This will be an aerobic workout with some mileage behind it going from moderate to fast.

The intensity focus should be on the 400s. The 400s are not sprints. The 400s are hard sustained efforts that will teach a strong finish. Focus on your form. Enjoy the moderate jogs and recovery jogs.

Your Pace:

Moderate Pace:

1200 meter= Mile PR pace plus :60 to :90 seconds.

1000 meter= Mile PR plus :45 to :75seconds.

800 meter= Mile PR plus :30 to :60 seconds.

600 meter= MIle PR plus :15 to :45 seconds.

Slow Recovery Jog:

Just keep moving at a slow pace. Focus getting enough recovery to hit your 400 meter pace.


MILE PR pace or faster.

Your Score:

The WOD is for Total Time.

Methodology: Aerobic Threshold Total Distance: 6000 meters= 3.728227








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