WODS for the Week of 9.23.2018: HOA Week and WODS for the Week.

Heart of America Competition is here!

Flashback Pictured from Left to Right: Ronna Heppner; Coach Brian Rice (on floor celebrating); Clift Cox; Shawn Freeman; Kathy Metz; and Barb Wallace (Team GeriatRX)

September 28-30 the Heart of America Competition will be in play at the Springfield Expo Center.  Please join the Crossfit Springfield community and cheer on our athletes and all of the athletes that will be competing.

Thursday, September 27 at Springfield Expo Center

Early Team Check-In: 5:30-7:30pm
Final Judges Clinic: 6:00pm-7:00pm

Friday, September 28 at Springfield Expo Center

Team Check-In: 10:00am-2:00pm
Mandatory Athlete Briefing 1:00pm
Opening Ceremony: 1:45pm

Welcome by HOA Director Jeremy Mhire, Invocation, Presentation of the Colors, National Anthem by Rachael Snow)

Event Kick-Off | First Scaled Heat for Event 1 Begins 2:30pm, Masters 4:40pm, RX 5:45pm*, Event 2 Begins at 7:15pm

Saturday, September 29 at Springfield Expo Center

Athlete Briefing for Saturday Events: 7:15am
HOA 2018: 8:00am-9:00pm*

Sunday, September 30 at Springfield Expo Center

Athlete Briefing for Sunday Events: 7:15am
HOA 2018: 8:00am-3:30pm
Closing Ceremony: 4:00pm

*Event and Heat Times are Subject to Change

Site Link:


WODS for the Week of 9.23.2018

We will be operating as is this week since the gym will be available for normal use and HOA isn’t at the facility this week.

Short Interval 9.24.2018 @5:30 pm

fifty 50

Workout Description:

Five Rounds:

4 x (50m easy recovery jog, 50m sprint) with NO rest between reps.

(Each round is 400 meters total)

Rest 3:00 between sets.

Workout Detail:

Your focus is FAST, RECOVER, REPEAT!

Your Pace:

No math tonight. This WOD has just two paces:  A) Very, very slow. B) Very, very fast. The 50m jog intervals must be SLOW in order to maintain your sprint speed. The jog is any speed except walking. The 50m sprints are 98% of max effort (to retain form). Focus on a quick acceleration when starting each sprint.

Your Score:

The wod will be for total time.

Methodology:   Speed    Total Distance:      2000m=1.243 miles.

Long Interval 9.27.2018 @5:30 pm



Workout Description:

4 Rounds:

500m, rest 50 seconds;

400m, rest 40 seconds;

300m. Done. Go into your 3:00 minute rest.

Rest 3:00 between sets

Workout Detail:

You will know if you picked the correct interval pace if you’re feeling the need to slow down during your third set.

Your Pace:

Target a pace for each interval that is about 2-3 sec/100m slower than your 1-mile PR pace.  This will be a moderate pace workout.  Focus on hitting those paces with the short recovery period.

Your Score:

The wod will have four separate scores.  You will score each round separately.

Methodology:   Lactate Threshold    Total Distance:      4800m= 2.982582 miles

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