WODs for the Week of 9/30/18

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CrossFit Springfield Endurance IS…

Community, Heart, Love, Perseverance

We ARE…Family

#TeamBRice #OnwardandUpward

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Coach Allison and I want to welcome all of our peeps to share in a Pre-WOD huddle and prayer for our friend, teammate, mentor, and best pal…Coach BRice…

Tomorrow (Monday) 10/1 at 5:30PM sharp on the CFS Back Lot.

We’ll have a quick huddle and “Get Well Soon, Pal!” rally and prayer, then we’ll follow it up with the most PERFECT WOD to get BRice feeling better and ready to get back to his pals at CFS! 😉

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WOD for Monday 10/1/18 (5:30PM)

“Secretly Loves Dogs” PARTNER WOD

Buy-In:  40m tire flip

Then, 30-minute AMRAP:

1-2-3-4-5-6-7…and so on, reps of the following:

Toes to bar

Burpee pull-ups

Parallette push-ups

One partner chips away at reps, while the other partner runs to the 400m mark–from the rig and back. On the way back, go up the ramp into the back of the gym, and return to the rig via the back door stairs. Tag your partner, and pick up where they left off in the rep scheme.

Scoring:  Record total distance and total reps achieved.

#itstrue #hedoeslovedogs #arf  

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Best. Teammates. Ever.

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One last thing, BRice…your favorite song

We’ll be waiting for you on the back lot, pal! 

We love you, 

Jen C and Allison


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