WODs for the Week of 10/7/18

It’s Officially FALL! That Can Only Mean One Thing…Dogwood Canyon Awaits!!!

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Dogwood Canyon 15k/25k/50k

November 10-11 (That’s FIVE Weeks!)

Starting THIS week, we’re presenting the Weekly Dogwood Challenge! 

Complete the following short WOD on your own time, and post your results to the Crossfit Running FB Page! 

Dogwood Tabata–Assault Bike (For total calories):

Minutes 1-3: Moderate pace

Minutes 3-7: Alternate MAX EFFORT 20 seconds/EASY 10 seconds (8 rounds)

Minutes 7-8: Easy pace

Minutes 8-9:30: Moderate pace

Minutes 9:30-10: MAX EFFORT

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Short Interval (Monday 5:30pm): “The (Dogwood) Hills Are Alive!”

3 x MAX EFFORT hill sprints, walkback down the hill to recover after each

Run 10 minutes at a moderate pace

Rest 1:00

3 x MAX EFFORT hill sprints, walkback down the hill to recover after each


WOD Notes:  This WOD will be performed on the roadway directly in front of CFS. Begin at the base of the hill, near the gas station (adjacent to Classic Rock front entrance). Sprint UP the hill (toward SkyZone), ending at the stop sign. Turn around and walk back DOWN the hill to recover. Once you reach the bottom of the hill, turn around and begin your next sprint. Once you complete the walking recovery from your third sprint, run at a moderate pace (out and back) so that you have returned to the base of the hill to begin your next set of sprints by the time 10 minutes is up.

*SAFETY NOTE: Sprint UP the hill on the left side of the street. Cross the street and walk back DOWN on the right side (i.e. runners on the left side of the street, walkers on the right).

Methodology:    Speed/Strength Endurance    Total Distance:   Variable    Scoring:   Time each of your six hill sprints separately.

Long Interval (Thurs 5:30pm):  “Facundo”

2 x 800m at moderate pace, rest 1:00 between intervals

1 x 1600m at easy pace (no looking at watch until finished)

Rest 1:00

4 x 400m at fast moderate pace, rest 45 seconds between intervals

1 x 800m at easy pace (no looking at watch until finished)

Rest 45 seconds

6 x 200m at faster moderate pace, rest 30 seconds between intervals

1 x 400m in 2:00 (no looking at watch until finished)

Rest 30 seconds

8 x 100m FASTEST moderate pace, rest 15 seconds between intervals

1 x 200m at easy pace (no looking at watch until finished)


WOD Pacing:   The EASY pace intervals are the focus of this workout. The easy pace should feel comfortable and easy to maintain. The easy pace is picked PRIOR to starting the workout, and must be the same for the 1600m, 800m, 400m, and 200m intervals.

**Easy Pace Penalty:  You owe one burpee for every second you miss (faster OR slower) the targeted finishing time for each interval. You must state your intended targeted finishing time prior to the start of the workout. 

Methodology:   Lactate Threshold    Total Distance:   8200m      Scoring:   WOD is for total time

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Keeping the Back Lot Warm for Ya, BRice!!! 🙂

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