WODs for the Week of 10/21/18

Weekly Dogwood Challenge #3!!!

Complete the following short WOD on your own time, and post your results to the CrossFit Running FB page! <<Not kidding about that last part.

“That First Hill”

Sled Push 200m for Time.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor

This guy…We can’t WAIT to see him on the back lot again! 🙂

This Week’s WODs

Short Interval (Monday 5:30 PM)

“Glycolytic Pathway”

3 Rounds for TIME:

500m Run at 85%

Rest 1:00

300m Run at 90%

Rest 1:00

200m SPRINT at 98-100%

Rest 2:00

Image result for Jenkins HERO Wod

Long Interval (Thursday 5:30 PM)


AMRAP Partner WOD (40 Minutes)

50 Burpees

400m Run

50 KB Swings (24/16 kg)

400m Run

50 Pull-Ups

400m Run

50 Push-Ups

400m Run

Split work between partners as needed; run together. WOD is for total time.


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