WODS for the Week of 1.27.19

Hello Sunshine! Fake News for sure.

We always strive to be outside, but we have another cold week in store. Our classes will be inside this week.  Maybe the sun will come out again and warm temps will be in the forecast soon, but we will definitely keep you warm inside this week.


Short Interval Monday (1.28.19)

"21 minutes"

Workout Description:

7 Rounds:

Minute One:  12/9 Calories Ski Erg

Minute Two:  35 Double Unders (Scale with 70 singles)

Minute Three:  Max Burpee box-over 24/20

Rest :60 seconds

Repeat cycle for 7 rounds or 21 minutes of work total. The clock will be set for twenty seven (27) minutes total.

If we have bigger class and space is limited, athletes will pair up and either start with ski erg or double unders. You have to at least end round with the burpee box overs.

Workout Detail:

Just get through the reps as prescribed in the first two minutes. The third minute is max burpee box overs.

Your Score:

You will score the total amount of burpee box overs completed over the seven (7) rounds.


Long Interval Thursday (1.31.2019)

"dumb dumb"

Workout Description:

35 minute EMOM: (5 Total Rounds)

Minute 1: 8 Alternating DB Snatch (50/35)

Minute 2: :30 seconds Assault Bike

Minute 3: 8 DB Hang Clean and Jerk (50/35)

Minute 4: :45 seconds Assault Bike

Minute 5: 8 One Arm DB Thrusters

Minute 6: :60 seconds Assault Bike

Minute 7: Rest

Workout Detail:

Just keep moving. Each athlete will use one dumbbell only.

Total Score:

You will score the total amount calories accumulated in the workout.





WODS for the week of 1.21.2019

Aerobic Capacity Explained…

As CrossFitters, we all know and understand the concept of ‘constantly varied’, and have come to embrace it in our daily training. We understand that in CrossFit, we specialize in not specializing…and we aspire to become well-rounded and conditioned athletes by way of this philosophy.

At CrossFit Endurance, we aim to bridge your ability to perform at your maximum potential–on and off the gym floor. Your intent focus on PR’ing your lifts on the gym floor involves attention to detail–mechanics, technique, and drills. The same can be said on the back lot, where the same attention to detail vastly improves your capacity to run (and WOD) harder and smarter! Combining your weekly CrossFit WODs with weekly CrossFit Endurance programming maximizesyour potential in both realms.


Here’s a review, from Chris Hinshaw’s website, http://www.aerobiccapacity.com



Determining Your Sustainable Pace

We’re aiming to get away from a couple of things here. First, the athlete that claims, ” I only have one pace.” Second, the athlete that comes out to run (awesome), but with no discernable goal or ballpark idea as to the pace they are capable of achieving and/or maintaining in any given workout (less awesome). We need to know a couple of things about ourselves–what is the maximal amount of oxygen we can bring in through the atmosphere and push through our muscles (VO2 Max), and what percentage of that becomes our sustainable pace? In other words, how close can we come–and stay–to the “red line” before we cross it?

The answer is, of course, different for each of us. We as coaches, however, are challenged to find for each of you just exactly what it is you need to increase your overall aerobic capacity. You should think about this, too! Consider this:  at what point during a 15-minute metcon, or a one-mile run, do you “give up?” Do you barrel out guns a-blazin’ and by the 3/4 mark, are envisioning your certain demise? Are you a “pacemaster?” Do you start out maybe a bit slower than others, but do so in knowing that you will still be going strong in the end? Do you do that to a fault, and end up with a slower time than you’re likely capable of because you held back for fear you’d red-line too soon? Or at all? Are you afraid of the red line?? Be honest! The red line is a frightful place! That’s no joke! So again, we need to figure out where your quitting point is–be it mental or physical, or both. We need to figure out how to obliterate that quitting point. The variation in workouts we’re throwing your way in this cycle are already beginning to reveal some of that in many of you.:)

Some people underestimate the taxing nature of the work they will do in a metcon, chipper, or endurance WOD…before they get to the part they’re “good at.” When they come to that place, and don’t do as well as they’d expected to do–they feel as though they’ve failed. When, in fact, they simply underestimated the work that would come prior, and failed to pace in such a way that would keep them prepared to accomplish the work ahead.

For example…Chris Hinshaw discussed the ‘Triple Three’ workout at the CrossFit Games in a recent podcast. If you remember, even the Fittest Man on Earth ended up walking during the run portion of that workout! He explained that many of the athletes failed to consider the amount of work they’d do prior to the run, then errantly expected to match their known performance on a 3-mile run. They went all out from ‘3-2-1 GO’ and found that left them ill-equipped for the run. He mentioned a similar thought process in relation to the ‘Muscle-Up Biathlon.’ He explained that the run was intended to be a recovery pace, not a sprint. What happened? Suddenly, athletes who are super efficient and strong in the muscle-up department, are failing reps due to fatigue–spent aerobic capacity.

We can fix this in a variety of ways. First, we program workouts that address that “quitting point”, by tasking you with aggressive goals paired with small amounts of rest, right at the point you’d be focused on quitting–rather than kicking a$$. We will make you kick a$$! Ha! For example, here’s a workout Hinshaw might program to challenge the athlete that gives up at the 3/4 way mark of any given workout…

1 x 800, 1 x 800, 5 x 200 (aggressive, with small amounts of rest in between), 1 x 800

He creates a stimulus at your weak point, to make it a strength instead.

How do I fix the fact that I’m reluctant to embrace my sustainable pace?

Quit being stubborn.:) Look at the big picture! The fact is, if you continue to seek out and find that juuuust below red-line, lactate threshold and dance all around it–under/over/right at–you’re gonna increase your capacity to do EVERYTHING. The ultimate goal, is that you will increase your speed at VO2 Max. That is what we’re trying to help you do, and that is why we’ve introduced you to this methodology.

How do I know what I need to work on?

Here’s something else super science-y and cool! Consider your recently-tested 400m and 1600m PRs. Elite runners will typically grow 6% slower for every doubling of the distance that they run. So between 400 to 800 and 800 to 1 mile–6%. A well-rounded CrossFitter, who is clearly not a “specialist” (as intended by Mr. Glassman), should ideally grow around 20% slower for every doubling of the distance that they run.

When Chris Hinshaw began training Rich Froning, his PRs for the same distances were 60 seconds and 6:00–each respectable times in their own right. However, the percentage slowed between those distances was 28%–less than ideal. What this meant, was that Rich’s weakness was in his ability to efficiently use oxygen over the longer distance–in other words, his aerobic capacity needed work.

Now just for fun, I thought I’d see where my own times fell. My 400m and 1600m PRs are 1:40 and 8:18, respectively. That works out to be a 13% percentage change. For me, this means I’m actually doing pretty well where consumption and efficient use of oxygen are concerned! But? If I map it out–it means my mile PR should be around 7:14. So what do I need?? More strength, speed and power. Rich has strength, speed, and power all day long (and most of the next day). His need was for work at aerobic threshold. I need to be stronger in the gym, to be faster on the back lot. I already guessed that–but now its science, sooo…

Where do you stand?? Here’s how to figure it out.

Runner’s Pace <<Use this hyperlink:)

Enter your 400m pace, hit ‘calc’, then scroll down to look at your 1-mile RIEGAL projection.

Then, divide your 1600m RIEGAL projection time (in seconds) by your actual 1600m PR time (in seconds).

Then, take 1 minus (this number) to equal your percentage ratio.

For example:  my actual 1600m time 8:18 (498 seconds) works out to a RIEGAL 1600m projection of 7:14 (434 seconds).

Therefore: 434/498 = 0.87

Finally: 1 – 0.87 = 0.128 or 13% (my percentage value)

Isn’t that exciting??? #goalzzz


WODS for the Week

Short Interval Monday 1.21.2019 @5:30 pm


Workout Description:

Warm Up:

500 meter row. Each athlete gets five pulls to achieve as many meters as possible. After the five pulls, 5 burpees. You will continue this until you reach 500 meters, then each athlete will stage your bar and weights for the deadlift EMOM:

6 Minutes:


1-5 deadlifts. You will work up to the weight for the workout.  After the EMOM you will then stage for the workout.


3 Rounds, each for time of:

20/15 Calories, Rowing

15 Deadlifts, 225/155

20/15 Calories Rowing

You will rest three (3) minutes between each round.

Workout Pace and Score:

You will attempt to go as fast as possible for each round. You will score each round separately for three separate scores.



Background: In honor of Randy Simmons, 51, a 27 year LAPD veteran and SWAT team member who was killed in the line of duty February 6, 2008.

The “Randy” Hero WOD was first posted on crossfit.com as the workout of the day for Wednesday, February 13, 2008 (080213).

Workout Description:

We will be performing the HERO WOD Randy this month, but with a twist.


75 Power Snatches (75/55)

You will work to complete the 75 reps for time, but at the top of each minute, perform 5 bar facing burpees.  After you complete the burpees, start on your power snatches.

You will start the wod with 5 bar facing burpees, then into the snatches.

Workout Pace and Score:

Your pace will be determined on how hard you want to hit the burpees and get into the snatches. This will get into your lungs quick and find a pace on the burpees and stay consistent with the snatches.

Your score will be for total time.



WODS for the Week of 1.13.19

Crossfit Springfield Endurance


Last week we summarized our Mission Statement. This week we are looking to provide more information about our class schedule and little history and information about our coaches.  Next week we will provide information and insight into our aerobic capacity program.  Take a look and feel free to read a little about our program.

CrossFit Springfield Endurance Schedule

Mondays    5:30pm

Thursdays   5:30pm

We meet in the far back corner of the gym for a WOD briefing, then head out to the back lot for our workouts.

We also post our workouts each week on our white board if you want to tackle them anytime during the week.

Childcare IS available for these class times!

CFE Springfield Coaches

Coach Allison Muller


I have lived in Springfield my entire life. I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri. I am so grateful to have amazing parents who involved my sister (Sarah, an avid runner), brother (Stephen, an avid CrossFitter), and me in sports and exercise for as long as I can remember. They also taught us the importance of nutrition!

I discovered group fitness classes when I was told after my third knee surgery I had to find a new form of exercise outside of running. However, I wanted something more. I was introduced to CrossFit Springfield and found workouts that challenged me like never before and allowed me to continue running. In fact, I began running marathons! I became addicted to CrossFit-not only the workouts but something bigger: the community of support. You will not find better individuals anywhere on earth.

I have completed my Crossfit Level 1 certification and mobility certification. I feel blessed and honored to have the opportunity to coach and motivate others to believe in themselves and find positive results through improved health, self-confidence and general well-being.

My running journey began in 7th grade with middle school track. Eventually, I began running longer distances and those are the distances I continue to enjoy today.  I have completed 5 full marathons.  Those include the Paris and New York City marathons.  In addition, I have completed close to 50 half marathons. I am very excited to share any and all knowledge I have related to running with you.  I am CF-L1 and CF mobility certified.  I have loved watching our CFS CFE group grow and accomplish amazing endurance feats!

Coach Jennifer Cochran


In 2013, I humbly accepted an invitation to coach the CrossFit Endurance program here at CFS—and it is my absolute honor to do so.  I am very passionate about CFE and all that it has to offer our athletes.  I absolutely love running!  I would love for you to love it, too!  I am so honored for the opportunity to now share my passion and love for this lifestyle with others who are seeking to achieve an optimal level of health and fitness. I am a firm believer, and wholly invested in the CFE philosophy. It truly will help take you to the next level.

My favorite thing about CrossFit-Springfield is the camaraderie and energy you will find here–unique to anywhere I have ever been.  Whether you’re a novice CrossFitter, or an elite athlete–you belong here. A lot of really amazing things happen out on the back lot–venture out and SEE!

Coach Brian Rice


I am proud to say I have been a CrossFit Endurance regular since its inception at CrossFit Springfield. Running and endurance were never a regular part of my training regimen, until I discovered CF endurance classes at CFS. the CFS programming has helped me develop into a much more well-rounded athlete and has given me huge gains in my daily training.

I have achieved a few accolades in my CrossFit journey, but none more rewarding then when I started coaching at CFE in April 2016. My goal as a coach is always to put the athlete first and give my full attention to their needs and goals. I like to encourage and push my athletes to give a honest effort every class. God has given me an opportunity to serve and help others and I am very blessed to be a part of this great community. Our CFE community is a tight-knit group and I am proud to be one of your coaches. #onwardandupward #nevergiveup

WODS for the Week of 1.13.19

Short Interval Monday 1.14.19 @5:30 pm

spicy little nugget

Workout Description:

4 Rounds:

Run 200m; Rest :30 seconds.

Run 400m; Rest :60 seconds.

Run 200m. Done.

After your last 200m run rest :90 seconds before the next round.

Workout Details and Pace:

This week we are once again looking to get our legs under us. If your legs feel good, push the runs and look to decrease your time each round.  Ultimately look to hit your MILE PR pace.

Your Score:

You will score each round separately and will have four separate scores.

INDOOR VERSION (If the class is unable to go outside)

The coach will determine if the class will go outside or not

4 Rounds:

Ski or Row 250m; Rest :30 seconds.

Ski or Row 500m: Rest :60 seconds.

Ski or Row 250m. Done.

After your last 250m row rest :90 seconds before the next round.

Attempt each interval as hard as you can.  You will score each round separately.

Long Interval Thursday 1.17.19 @5:30 pm


Workout Description:

4 Rounds:

1 minutes Assault Bike

20 Double Unders (or 40 singles)


3 Rounds:

2 minutes Assault Bike

30 DUs (or 60 singles)


2 Rounds:

3 minutes Assault Bike

40 DUs (or 80 singles)


1 Round:

4 minutes Assault Bike

50 DUs (or 100 singles)

Workout Details:

rX Plus Option:

If you up to the challenge, each set of double unders must be unbroken. A no rep during the jumps will result in repeating the round.  As example, assuming you miss one of your jumps during the 3rd and final set of 30 DUs, stop jumping, put down the rope, and restart that round with 2 minutes on the Assault Bike.  Are you still feeling confident?

rX Option:

Perform each set of double unders unbroken. A no rep during the jumps will result in repeating the double unders. As example, assuming you miss one of your jumps during the 3rd and final set of 30 DUs, stop jumping and repeat until you get the jumps unbroken.

Scaled Options:

Each set of single unders must be unbroken. A no rep during the jumps will result in repeating the single unders.  As example, assuming you miss one of your jumps during the 3rd and final set of 60 singles, stop jumping and repeat until you get the jumps unbroken.


For an additional scaled option challenge similar to the rX plus option. If you fail a single under, repeat the round.  As example, assuming you miss one of your jumps during the 3rd and final set of 60 singles, stop jumping, put down the rope, and restart that round with 2 minutes on the Assault Bike. Are you still feeling confident?

Regular Version:

Perform the workout as written. Complete the minutes on the Assault Bike and perform the double unders or single unders. If you miss a rep, just continue on until you finish the double unders or single unders prescribed.

Your Score:

The WOD will be for total time.







WODS for the Week of 1.6.2019

Crossfit Endurance Mission Statement

Run Bridge, Rest, Repeat.

The Endurance Group are classes offered at Crossfit Springfield to athletes of ALL running abilities. We focus on quality training, not quantity. We believe running is a skill that must be practiced just like a snatch or overhead squat. We follow programming from various sources to include Crossfit website, Aerobic Capacity and our own programming with the goal of our training to first improve our running form and second our speed and endurance. We follow a WOD format just as we do in the daily WOD and just as all things are scalable in the box, Endurance Group is scalable to any level of running. We believe our training is most effective when paired with the daily WOD’s in the gym a few times a week. We are here to help improve anyone’s running abilities as well as help athletes to meet their endurance race goals.

Mission Statement

To offer an organized, scheduled endurance class to ALL athletes of Crossfit Springfield, regardless of fitness level or running ability, that will focus on improving overall speed, endurance, stamina, and health through implementation of a structured, interval-based training program.

Training method

The workouts are designed to be paired with the CF programming at the gym. Ideally, they are done with a 3+ hour gap between workouts or entirely on their own. There will be a short interval workout programmed on Mondays, and a long interval workout programmed for Thursdays. Athletes are encouraged to find time on the weekends and pair up with another athlete to incorporate a long run into their routine. The endurance group times listed will be led by an endurance coach. The workouts will begin promptly on the hour. We will begin a warmup, and the drills of the coaches will be performed several times. The group will then perform the interval workout for that day.  Athletes and coaches are encouraged to scale the distances and/or intervals of the workouts for the athletes’ running abilities.  If the athlete is unable to perform the interval distance at the prescribed intensity, scaling should be done to a distance/interval pattern that they can maintain.  Coaches will be there to time intervals, encourage athletes and critique form. We will encourage all athletes through drills and training to maintain a Pose running form.

Pose Running Method

We teach and encourage the Pose running method for increased efficiency and reduced injury.  Pose running emphasizes running in three separate phases: the pose, the fall, and the pull. We learn and review the Pose running method in all the drills we do and during our workouts.

WODS for the Week of 1.6.2019

Short Interval Monday @5:30 pm (1.7.2019)

We are looking to get outside this Monday.

mini tosh (Four Rounds)

Workout Description:

100M, 200M, 400M.

You will rest the amount of time it takes you complete intervals.

We aren’t looking for any particular pace or sprints. Just acclimating the body to running again.

Score is for Total Time.

Long Interval Thursday @5:30 pm (1.10.19)

take twelve, times two

Workout Description:

Partner WOD.

take twelve, part one.

Twelve Minute Clock:

First Six Minutes:

Switch every :30 seconds.

Athlete A does 12 situps, Partner B does Ski Erg. Attempt to complete the 12 sit ups in every :30 second window.

Second Six Minutes:

Max Calories on Ski Erg. Switch every :30 seconds.

Your Score will the total amount of calories on the Ski Erg.

Rest 3:00 minutes.

take twelve, part two

Twelve Minute Clock:

12 (100) meter runs. One Partner runs while the other rests.  Each athlete will perform six runs each.

After you have completed the runs, you will then go into a the following AMRAP:

24 Double Unders (Scale with 36 singles)

12 Air Squats

Partner A performs reps and Partner B rest. Then alternate and so on and so on.

Total Score will be the total amount of reps complete in the AMRAP.