WODS for the Week of 1.6.2019

Crossfit Endurance Mission Statement

Run Bridge, Rest, Repeat.

The Endurance Group are classes offered at Crossfit Springfield to athletes of ALL running abilities. We focus on quality training, not quantity. We believe running is a skill that must be practiced just like a snatch or overhead squat. We follow programming from various sources to include Crossfit website, Aerobic Capacity and our own programming with the goal of our training to first improve our running form and second our speed and endurance. We follow a WOD format just as we do in the daily WOD and just as all things are scalable in the box, Endurance Group is scalable to any level of running. We believe our training is most effective when paired with the daily WOD’s in the gym a few times a week. We are here to help improve anyone’s running abilities as well as help athletes to meet their endurance race goals.

Mission Statement

To offer an organized, scheduled endurance class to ALL athletes of Crossfit Springfield, regardless of fitness level or running ability, that will focus on improving overall speed, endurance, stamina, and health through implementation of a structured, interval-based training program.

Training method

The workouts are designed to be paired with the CF programming at the gym. Ideally, they are done with a 3+ hour gap between workouts or entirely on their own. There will be a short interval workout programmed on Mondays, and a long interval workout programmed for Thursdays. Athletes are encouraged to find time on the weekends and pair up with another athlete to incorporate a long run into their routine. The endurance group times listed will be led by an endurance coach. The workouts will begin promptly on the hour. We will begin a warmup, and the drills of the coaches will be performed several times. The group will then perform the interval workout for that day.  Athletes and coaches are encouraged to scale the distances and/or intervals of the workouts for the athletes’ running abilities.  If the athlete is unable to perform the interval distance at the prescribed intensity, scaling should be done to a distance/interval pattern that they can maintain.  Coaches will be there to time intervals, encourage athletes and critique form. We will encourage all athletes through drills and training to maintain a Pose running form.

Pose Running Method

We teach and encourage the Pose running method for increased efficiency and reduced injury.  Pose running emphasizes running in three separate phases: the pose, the fall, and the pull. We learn and review the Pose running method in all the drills we do and during our workouts.

WODS for the Week of 1.6.2019

Short Interval Monday @5:30 pm (1.7.2019)

We are looking to get outside this Monday.

mini tosh (Four Rounds)

Workout Description:

100M, 200M, 400M.

You will rest the amount of time it takes you complete intervals.

We aren’t looking for any particular pace or sprints. Just acclimating the body to running again.

Score is for Total Time.

Long Interval Thursday @5:30 pm (1.10.19)

take twelve, times two

Workout Description:

Partner WOD.

take twelve, part one.

Twelve Minute Clock:

First Six Minutes:

Switch every :30 seconds.

Athlete A does 12 situps, Partner B does Ski Erg. Attempt to complete the 12 sit ups in every :30 second window.

Second Six Minutes:

Max Calories on Ski Erg. Switch every :30 seconds.

Your Score will the total amount of calories on the Ski Erg.

Rest 3:00 minutes.

take twelve, part two

Twelve Minute Clock:

12 (100) meter runs. One Partner runs while the other rests.  Each athlete will perform six runs each.

After you have completed the runs, you will then go into a the following AMRAP:

24 Double Unders (Scale with 36 singles)

12 Air Squats

Partner A performs reps and Partner B rest. Then alternate and so on and so on.

Total Score will be the total amount of reps complete in the AMRAP.





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