WODS for the Week of 1.27.19

Hello Sunshine! Fake News for sure.

We always strive to be outside, but we have another cold week in store. Our classes will be inside this week.  Maybe the sun will come out again and warm temps will be in the forecast soon, but we will definitely keep you warm inside this week.


Short Interval Monday (1.28.19)

"21 minutes"

Workout Description:

7 Rounds:

Minute One:  12/9 Calories Ski Erg

Minute Two:  35 Double Unders (Scale with 70 singles)

Minute Three:  Max Burpee box-over 24/20

Rest :60 seconds

Repeat cycle for 7 rounds or 21 minutes of work total. The clock will be set for twenty seven (27) minutes total.

If we have bigger class and space is limited, athletes will pair up and either start with ski erg or double unders. You have to at least end round with the burpee box overs.

Workout Detail:

Just get through the reps as prescribed in the first two minutes. The third minute is max burpee box overs.

Your Score:

You will score the total amount of burpee box overs completed over the seven (7) rounds.


Long Interval Thursday (1.31.2019)

"dumb dumb"

Workout Description:

35 minute EMOM: (5 Total Rounds)

Minute 1: 8 Alternating DB Snatch (50/35)

Minute 2: :30 seconds Assault Bike

Minute 3: 8 DB Hang Clean and Jerk (50/35)

Minute 4: :45 seconds Assault Bike

Minute 5: 8 One Arm DB Thrusters

Minute 6: :60 seconds Assault Bike

Minute 7: Rest

Workout Detail:

Just keep moving. Each athlete will use one dumbbell only.

Total Score:

You will score the total amount calories accumulated in the workout.





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