WODS for the Week of 2.24.2019

TEAM USO/Boston Marathon 2019

Elizabeth and Andy Koch

Shout Out to the OG of the Crossfit Endurance program, Elizabeth Koch.  She will be running the Boston marathon with her husband and they’re representing the USO which supports our military and their families. She’s already an incredible athlete and I’m happy to share this news if you’d like to support this awesome team.  She along with her husband, Andy Koch, will be joining a 4 person team to support service members and military families.

Check it out.

Team USO

What do this Sailor, 2X Olympic Gold Medalist, Marine and Military Spouse & Mom all have in common?

These four outstanding individuals have all committed to running 26.2 miles at this year’s 123rd Boston Marathon in an effort to support service members and military families through the mission of the USO.

We are thrilled to present this year’s 2019 Boston Marathon Team USO – Commander John Benda, Veteran Army SGT & Para-Olympian, Horitius (Jen) Lee, Major Andrew Koch and his wife, Elizabeth Koch, who will all be running to raise critical funding to support our USO Centers and Programs.

In the coming weeks we will be individually highlighting this group of patriots, so you can get to know each of them a bit more & join in our efforts to rally behind them during their training & fundraising leading up to the big day! The USO thanks the John Hancock non-profit program for this important opportunity to support our mission delivery.

To learn more about Team USO and how you can support today visit:


Crossfit Open is Underway!

The 2019 Open has begun. Participants have until 5.p.m. PT on Feb. 25 to register and complete 19.1. Here’s how to sign up.

Register Here.

The Open Is for Anyone

The 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games Open is the largest fitness competition on Earth and an exciting showcase of the CrossFit community. Here, athletes like you, from all around the world, show up and push themselves further than they ever thought possible over a five-week period. Challenges, PRs and the unknown await. Are you ready?

WODS for the Week of 2.24.19

Monday Short Interval @5:30 pm (2.25.19)

up down down up

500m, 60 seconds rest,

400m, 50 seconds rest,

300m, 40 seconds rest,

200m, 30 seconds rest,

100m, 20 seconds rest,

50m, 10 seconds rest,

100m, 20 seconds rest,

200m, 30 seconds rest,

300m, 40 seconds rest,

400m, 50 seconds rest,

500m, Done.

Workout Detail:

You will perform the following scheme of intervals with rest to decrease and then increase.  The focus will be on hitting targeted paces for each interval on the way down and then on the way up. Focus on hitting the same pace you run each interval. For Example: You run a 2:00 minute 400 meter run on your first interval, then on the second 400m attempt to hit that same pace or faster.

Look to get your legs back this week with some short runs.

Workout Pace:

On your first attempt of each interval focus on hitting a moderate to fast pace. On the second attempt, focus on hitting a pace equal or faster than your first attempt.

Workout Focus:

Hitting the paces and getting through the quick recovery times.

Long Interval Thursday @5:30 pm (2.28.19)

downhill annie

For Total Time:

1000 Meter Ski Erg

50 Double Unders, 50 Sit Ups

800 Meter Ski Erg

40 Double Unders, 40 Sit Ups

600 Meter Ski Erg

30 Double Unders, 30 Sit Ups

400 Meter Ski Erg

20 Double Unders, 20 Sit Ups

200 Meter Ski Erg

10 Double Unders, 10 Sit ups





WODS for Week of 2.17.19

Salt and Light

This week we want to recognize Coach Jennifer Cochran and the Air Flight Crews at Cox South. We know that nurses have a selfless and thankless job sometimes but continue to provide the utmost care and compassion to those in need.  This is also a good time to reflect and thank our nurses and medical professionals for the work they perform every day.  We thank you.

Jenn C has beautifully written about her tenure as a Flight Nurse at Cox Air Care on her blog, All the Lovely Things.  We know Jenn has a selfless heart and compassion not only for people, but for life in general.  We love you Jenn C.

Please click on her blog post, All the Lovely Things, and check out her latest blog:

Salt and Light







“Save one life, you’re a hero. Save a hundred lives, you’re a nurse.” – Unknown



WODS for the Week of 2.17.19

Short Interval Monday @5:30 pm (2.18.19)


Nine Rounds (36 Minute Clock)

Three Corners of Triangle x3=Nine Rounds


1:00 Max Box Jump Overs (24/20) (Scaled options would include athlete to step the box overs)

1:00 50 Double Unders (Scale with 100 singles)

1:00 12/8 calories Assault Bike. You must get the calories within the :60 second time limit.

1:00 Rest

Workout Detail:

The workout will be fast and furious with each athlete to achieve the reps as prescribed within the minute, except for the box jump overs. This will be max amount the athlete can achieve.

Your Score:

Total Amount of Box Jump Overs within the nine rounds.

HERO WOD Thursday @5:30 pm (2.21.19)

This week we are going to honor the Guardian Flight Crew based out of Juneau, Alaska.

The plane itself, a King Air 200 air ambulance, went missing with three people on board, Pilot Patrick Coyle, 63, Flight Nurse Stacie Rae Morse, 30, and Flight Paramedic Margaret Langston, 43, all based in Juneau.

The United States Coast Guard suspended its 63-hour search Thursday evening for an overdue Guardian King Air 200 medical life flight near Kake on January 31, 2019.

On board were pilot Patrick Coyle, 63, flight nurse Stacie Rae Morse, 30, and flight paramedic Margaret Langston Allen, 43.

Flight Nurse Stacie Morse was pregnant and expecting her first child.

It also must be stated officials have found a ping from the cockpit recorder and zeroing in on the radius. Pray they will be found soon.

Please see article link below:



Three Person Partner WOD (in honor of the three person flight crew.)

Forty Three (43) Minute AMRAP: (Age of Flight Paramedic Margaret Langston Allen)

Partition Reps as needed.

Each athlete will run 200 (Number of the King Air Ambulance) meters, the other two athletes will work through the reps. Once an athlete is done with there run, then another athlete will go on a 200 meter run and so on. The three person team will alternate 200 meter runs throughout the workout.

63 (Age of Pilot Patrick Coyle) Barbell Thrusters (75/55)

30 (Age of Flight Nurse Stacie Rae Morse) Bar Facing Burpees

1 Rope Climb (Stacie was pregnant with her first child)

Total Score:

Rounds and Reps within the forty-three minute time cap.







WODS for the Week of 2.10.2019

Crossfit Springfield Reppin at Midwest Meltdown!

We wanted to shout out to all of the athletes who participated in the Midwest Meltdown last weekend. Great job by all participants and friends and family who watched our athletes compete. Crossfit Springfield was well represented on the podium. Awesome work everyone.

WODS for the Week of 2.10.19

Short Interval 2.11.19

dubs, burpees, bike, oh my

Twenty One Minute continuous clock.

Two Rounds:

You will have ten minutes to complete two rounds. Once completed you will rest remaining time.

80 Double Unders (Scale with 160 singles)

20 Burpees

21/18 Calories Assault Bike


Two Rounds:

You will have 7 minutes to complete two rounds. Once completed you will rest remaining time.

40 Double Unders (Scale with 80 singles)

10 Burpees

15/12 Calories Assault Bike

Rest 3:00 minutes

Two Rounds

You will have 4 minutes to complete two rounds.

20 Double Unders (Scale with 40 singles)

5 Burpees

9/6 Calories Assault Bike

Workout Detail:

Go hard and fast to get the reps and rounds completed.

Workout Score:

Your score will be the total time for each two round increment. You will have three (3) separate scores.

Long Interval 2.14.19

do you love me

Thirty Minute Time Cap

5K Ski Erg

E2O2M (Every two minutes on the two minutes)

Athlete will perform five (5) front squats 115/75. Once athletes are done with front squats then you will continue skiing. Each athlete will clean the bar into to position for the front squats. The first front squat can be a squat clean.

Workout Detail:

You will start the workout with the front squats.  You will then commence into the 5K Ski Erg.

Workout Score:

The score will be the total amount of time to complete 5K Ski or Total Meters on the Ski Erg in Thirty Minutes.



WODS for the week of 2.3.19

Bass Pro Fitness Series

Even though it’s February, the race season will be upon us soon.   These include the Bass Pro Marathon weekend and Dogwood Canyon trail race. We always have a large population of our community participating in these great events. Make sure to get registered.


2019 Registration for all Bass Pro Shops Fitness Series events goes live on February 6th at Noon CST.


Super Bowl Sunday

This is the most watched event every year and even if you don’t have a dog in that fight, it’s still a good way to get together with friends and family and eat way too much, watch football, and enjoy those commercials.

This Sunday watch the Rams and Patriots battle it out in Super Bowl LIII.

We want to flashback to 2002 when the Rams and Patriots battled it out and Crossfit Springfield’s own Grant Wistrom was bearing down on Tom Brady for a sack. Courtesy of Ronald Martinez/Getty Images.

03 Feb 2002: Quarterback Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots gets sacked by Grant Wistrom #98 and Tyoka Jackson #97 of the St.Louis Rams during Superbowl XXXVI at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Patriots defeated the Rams 20-17. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

WODS for the Week of 2.3.19

Short Interval Monday @5:30 pm (2.4.19)


Workout Description:

12 Rounds

Run 200m at One Mile PR pace, then immediately run 200m at 1.5 x that pace.  This is one of the original CFE benchmark WODS.

Workout Details:

Run to the 400m turnaround for your 200m fast interval. You will run your 200m recovery jog back to the start line.  Your goal is to hit your PR paces and on the all intervals to include the recovery intervals.

Your Pace:

Your fast interval will be at your Mile PR pace.   Your recovery rate will be your fast interval 200m pace times 1.5.  If your PR pace is :45 seconds then your recovery pace will be :45×1.5=1:28.  Please attempt to hit your recovery pace at the prescribed rate or at least 1-2 seconds apart.

Your Score:

This will be for total time.


Aerobic Threshold

Total Distance:

4800 meters=2.983 miles

Long Interval Thursday @5:30 pm (2.7.19)

rocky mountain

Workout Description:

Thirty Minute Time Cap:

Within that Thirty Minute Time Cap try to accumulate and achieve 200/150 calories on the Ski Erg.

Minute One: 100 Meter Run, rest remaining time.

Minute Two: Max Calories on Ski Erg for :60 seconds

Minute Three: 100 meter Run, rest remaining time.

Minute Four: Max Calories on Ski Erg for :60 seconds.

Keep on this path for thirty minutes.

Workout Details:

The goal is to reach 200/150 calories as quickly as you can. You will alternate from running to ski erg every other minute.

Your Pace:

You will need to run your 100 meter run within the minute time cap, so whatever pace to achieve the run. The ski erg is whatever pace you can hold to get thru the calories. You will have 15 rounds to achieve the calories. The average cals per round you would need to achieve would be 13 cals per minute for 200 cals; and 10 cals per minute for 150 cals.

Your Score:

The scoring will be total calories accumulated within in the thirty minutes. If you achieve the prescribed calories, then your score will 200 or 150.