WODS for the Week of 3.24.19

Another Muller Moment in Nashville!

The Mullers are our residential running family who often take over whatever city they are running in and often dominate. Congratulations to them for competing and doing rather awesome in Nashville a couple weekends ago. Congrats to this awesome family.

WODS for the Week of 3.24.19

Short Interval 3.25.19 @5:30 pm

london bridge

Thirty (30) minute time cap:

Within a thirty minute time cap you will attempt to perform 20 bridge repeats.

A bridge repeat can be defined as over and back. Over is one and back is two and so on and so on.

Workout Detail:

Each athlete will use the thirty minutes to achieve the prescribed amount of bridge repeats.

Workout Pace:

You will dictate the pace within the thirty minutes. If you need to walk part of the time or push through, it will be up to the athlete.  Just keep running and find a comfortable pace to get through the reps.

Your Score:

Total Time to achieve the 20 bridge repeats.

HERO WOD Thursday 3.28.19 @5:30 pm

k9 chucky

This week we will be honoring our K9 service animals with our hero wod Chucky. Chucky was killed in the line of duty with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, Texas on Friday, January 25, 2019.  Take a look a the link below.


To add an endurance aspect to the WOD after each round each athlete will run 800 meters.

Your score will be for total time.

Please be sure to share bars and equipment with the class and other athletes in the endurance class.

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