WODS for week of 4.28.2019

Members Only a success at Crossfit Springfield!

Thanks to all those who came out and participated in the Member’s Only challenge.  Not only did everyone have fun, but they showcased how bad we really dressed back in the day. Congrats everyone.

Shout Out to Sarah Elayer-Limb

Sarah has been putting in the work and just recently completed a half-marathon at the Westminster Trail Run in Colorado. Congrats Sarah.

WODS for the Week of 4.28.2019

Monday Short Interval 4.29.2019 @5:30 pm


2x250m Moderate to Fast; Rest :30 seconds.

Run 500m Fast

Rest 1:00 minutes

2x200m Moderate to Fast; Rest :30 seconds.

Run 400m Fast

Rest 1:00 minutes

2x200m Moderate to Fast;  Rest :30 seconds.

Run 400m Fast

Rest 1:00 minutes

2x150m Moderate to Fast; Rest :30 seconds.

Run 300m Fast.


Workout Detail:

Focus on your intervals and recovery so you can hit your fast pace on the longer intervals.

Your Pace:

The pace for the shorter intervals is moderate pace to fast pace. You will look to hit a range from your Mile PR pace to 10-15 seconds slower to fall in between the moderate to fast pace.

Your Score:

Total Time.

Long Interval Thursday 5.2.2019 @5:30pm

i was running one day

One Set:

Run 5:00 minutes.

Rest :45 seconds

Run 5:00 minutes back to start line. Rest any remaining time during the second five minute interval.

Rest 3:00 minutes after each set.

Repeat 2x

Your goal is to reach the 800m to 1200m mark each time and then reach the start line again.

Workout Detail:

The goal is to reach the start line on the second 5:00 minute interval.

Your Pace:

Your pace will be dictated each set by you.  Just try to achieve same distance on the return run.

Your Score:

Please score the approximate meters run for the entire three sets.


WODS for the week of 4.21.2019

Happy Easter!

We want to wish all of the CFE community a Happy Easter Sunday and looking forward to a great week of running.

WODS for the Week of 4.21.2019

Short Interval Monday 4.22.2019 @5:30 pm

perfect 10

10 Rounds

200 m run; Rest 1:00 minute between intervals.

Workout Detail:

This will be a pretty fast and furious pace. Maintain the intensity on each run and get your rest in between each interval with breathing and recovery.

Workout Pace:

Focus on hitting your 200 meter intervals at or below your MILE PR pace.

Your Score:

Your score will be for total time.

Long Interval Thursday 4.25.2019 @5:30 pm

call culligan

2 Sets:

Each set will consist of the following.

400m Fast, 800m Easy

Rest :60 seconds

300m Faster, 600 Easy

Rest :60 seconds

200m Fastest, 400m Easy

Rest :60 seconds

100m Sprint, 200m easy.

You will rest 4 minutes after you complete the first set.

Workout Detail:

You will try to maintain meet your short interval paces.  This has a lot of meters involved so be prepared to run this day.

Your Pace:

Fast = Mile PR pace

Faster = 1-3 seconds below your Mile PR pace

Fastest = 3-5 seconds below your Mile PR pace

Sprint = All out effort up to 95% to 100%.

Easy = Conversational pace.

Your Score:

You will score each set separately, so two separate scores.

WODS for the Week of 4.14.19

CFS Members Only 2019 Team Challenge on the horizon!

Come join the festivities on April 27, 2019 at Crossfit Springfield.

80+ CFS members are signed up to take on our first-ever “Members Only” Team Challenge!

Again, this is a 3-person team challenge (3 Men or 3 Women). Longtime members or coaches will serve as team captains and will randomly draw their 2 team members the day of the event. There are 3 Divisions: RX / Scaled / Novice.

There will be 3 Events taking place the day of the challenge – the workouts (and division variations) are listed below.

We’ll have a gym social w drinks (byob) and food (potluck style) directly following the final workout.

Dress in your most rad 80’s workout swag! Don’t miss out on this super fun CFS community event! 👩🏼‍🎤🤘🏽👨🏻‍🎤

WODS for the Week of 4.14.19

Monday Short Interval 4.15.19 @5:30 pm

loose change

Thirty Two Minute Workout:

Ten Minute EMOM:

Run 50 Meters

Eight Minute EMOM:

Run 75 Meters (Scale with 50 meters)

Six Minute EMOM:

Run 100 Meters (Scale 75 meters)

Rest 2:00

Four Minutes:

Run 200 Meters; Rest :60 seconds; Run 200 meters. Rest remaining time. (Scale with 150 meter runs)

Two Minutes:

Run one 400 meter run as fast as you can.  (Scale with 300 meter run)


Workout Detail:

Try to finish the meters prescribed within the time frames. If you miss this meters go to scaled versions.

Your Score:

You will score your 400 meter run only.

Thursday HERO WOD 4.18.19 @5:30 pm


For Time (in a Team of 3)

  • 5 Rounds Of:
  • You will partition reps as needed.
  • 33 Power Cleans (185 to 175/135 to 125) (Scaled Weight 135/85)
  • 12 Tractor Tire Flips (Pick any tire out back)
  • 420 meter Team Run
  • Then:
  • 129 Burpees

In a team of 3, one partner works at a time. Break up the work as needed (except for the run, which is done together).

Rhodri Thomas was a friend of CrossFit Aberdeen (Aberdeen, Scotland), lost to a tragic case of undiagnosed stomach cancer.

“Rhod loved team WODs, so this is a 3 in a team WOD. He loved his Heavy Power Cleans and Strongman Stuff so thats in there, and he hated running, and burpees so guess what, he cant have it all his way – he wouldn’t want that anyway!”

Rhod was 35 when he passed on 11 April, 2013. Times 3 becomes the rep scheme 33-12-42. Rhod came to 129 Classes during his time at CrossFit Aberdeen.

Rhod is is survived by his wife and two children.

Rhodri Thomas was a friend of CrossFit Aberdeen (Aberdeen, Scotland), lost to a tragic case of undiagnosed stomach cancer. Rhod was 35 when he passed 5 years ago tomorrow, 4/11/13.






WODS for the Week of 4.7.19

What’s keeping you?

Come try us out. Monday and Thursday night at 5:30 pm.

WODS for the Week of 4.7.19

Short Interval Monday @5:30 pm


Two Rounds:

800m Fast, 800m Easy

Rest 1 minute.

600m Fast, 600m Easy

Rest 1 Minute.

400m Faster, 400m Easy

Rest 1 Minute.

200m Sprint, 400m Easy

Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

Workout Detail:

Focus on your paces and get a good recovery run in order to hit your paces.

Your Pace:

Your goal will be to hit your fast paces at your MILE PR pace. Easy pace is a recovery jog.

Your Score:

Total time to run two rounds.

Long Interval Thursday @5:30 pm

pyramid of pain

50 meters sled push (Recommended (2) plates Males; (1) plate Female)

100 Walking Lunges

150 meters sled push

500 m run

100 Air Squats

500 m run

150 meters sled push

100 Walking Lunges

50 meters sled push

Workout Detail:

Fight through the leg fatigue to get through the reps and runs.

Your Score:

Total Time to complete all of the reps and sled pushes.