WODS for the Week of 4.14.19

CFS Members Only 2019 Team Challenge on the horizon!

Come join the festivities on April 27, 2019 at Crossfit Springfield.

80+ CFS members are signed up to take on our first-ever “Members Only” Team Challenge!

Again, this is a 3-person team challenge (3 Men or 3 Women). Longtime members or coaches will serve as team captains and will randomly draw their 2 team members the day of the event. There are 3 Divisions: RX / Scaled / Novice.

There will be 3 Events taking place the day of the challenge – the workouts (and division variations) are listed below.

We’ll have a gym social w drinks (byob) and food (potluck style) directly following the final workout.

Dress in your most rad 80’s workout swag! Don’t miss out on this super fun CFS community event! 👩🏼‍🎤🤘🏽👨🏻‍🎤

WODS for the Week of 4.14.19

Monday Short Interval 4.15.19 @5:30 pm

loose change

Thirty Two Minute Workout:

Ten Minute EMOM:

Run 50 Meters

Eight Minute EMOM:

Run 75 Meters (Scale with 50 meters)

Six Minute EMOM:

Run 100 Meters (Scale 75 meters)

Rest 2:00

Four Minutes:

Run 200 Meters; Rest :60 seconds; Run 200 meters. Rest remaining time. (Scale with 150 meter runs)

Two Minutes:

Run one 400 meter run as fast as you can.  (Scale with 300 meter run)


Workout Detail:

Try to finish the meters prescribed within the time frames. If you miss this meters go to scaled versions.

Your Score:

You will score your 400 meter run only.

Thursday HERO WOD 4.18.19 @5:30 pm


For Time (in a Team of 3)

  • 5 Rounds Of:
  • You will partition reps as needed.
  • 33 Power Cleans (185 to 175/135 to 125) (Scaled Weight 135/85)
  • 12 Tractor Tire Flips (Pick any tire out back)
  • 420 meter Team Run
  • Then:
  • 129 Burpees

In a team of 3, one partner works at a time. Break up the work as needed (except for the run, which is done together).

Rhodri Thomas was a friend of CrossFit Aberdeen (Aberdeen, Scotland), lost to a tragic case of undiagnosed stomach cancer.

“Rhod loved team WODs, so this is a 3 in a team WOD. He loved his Heavy Power Cleans and Strongman Stuff so thats in there, and he hated running, and burpees so guess what, he cant have it all his way – he wouldn’t want that anyway!”

Rhod was 35 when he passed on 11 April, 2013. Times 3 becomes the rep scheme 33-12-42. Rhod came to 129 Classes during his time at CrossFit Aberdeen.

Rhod is is survived by his wife and two children.

Rhodri Thomas was a friend of CrossFit Aberdeen (Aberdeen, Scotland), lost to a tragic case of undiagnosed stomach cancer. Rhod was 35 when he passed 5 years ago tomorrow, 4/11/13.






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