WODS for the Week of 6.9.19


We miss you Jenn C and hope your having a great time!  See you soon back on the mainland.

WODS for the Week of 6.09.19

Monday Short Interval 6.10.19 @5:30 pm

its runday

Two Rounds:

Run 500m Moderate

Rest 2:00 minutes

Run 400 Fast

Run 300m Faster

Rest 2:00 minutes

Run 200m Fastest

Rest 2:00 minutes then repeat.

Workout Details:

When it says to go FASTER for each one – that means the speed of your actual PACE (how quickly you are moving) gets faster. Not just the time of each distance. So push the PACE faster on each one.


Total Time (including Rest)/2800 meters.


As always – it’s not about your score – it’s holding proper pace. Work to have Round 2 paces match Round 1 paces.

Thursday Long Interval 6.13.19 @5:30 pm

dont go too fast

2 Miles Easy

Rest 3:00 minutes

Two Rounds

Sprint 40 meters

Full Rest and Recovery between sprints.

Full Rest and Recovery between sprints.


Post running ABS with Culligan 😉

Workout Detail:

You will run two miles easy then end with sprints at your pace and recovery.


Two Mile Time/3400 meters


Don’t go to fast. This is meant to just to get you running easy for 2 miles straight. Keep the same pace throughout. A pace that is easy and SUPER sustainable. Going all out is NOT part of the program and will actually throw you off for the intended training stimulus.


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