WODS for the Week of 7.14.2019

Do you need the edge going into the Heart of America Competition?


We are little over two months away from Heart of America Competition on September 27-29, 2019.  Come join us for the next couple of months to get that edge for the competition.

Short Interval Monday (7.15.19) @5:30 pm

christmas in july

Thirty minute workout:

Six Minute Intervals x5

The workout will consist of six minute intervals for a total of five rounds. You will look to achieve the following work within that six minute interval. After you complete the work prescribed you will rest remaining time.

Run four (4) 150 meter shuttle runs.

30 meter Sled Push

(Males 4x45lb plates; Females 2x45lb plates and 2x25lb plates)

(Scaled: Males 3x45lb plates; Females 2x45lb plates)

Workout Detail:

Try to push and get through the work in each interval. It will be demanding and the sleds will push your legs. Keep grinding.

Your Score:

You will record one score with your slowest time interval.

Long Interval Thursday 7.18.19 @5:30 pm


2 sets:

First Set.

1200 m easy, 100m sprint (you will do sprint on the last 100m of your 1200 meter run)

100m walk, 100m sprint,

600m easy

Rest 2:00 minutes

4x (200m fast w/:20 second rest b/t reps)

Rest 2:00 minutes

600m moderate.

3400 meters total.

Rest 5:00 minutes

Second Set.

600m easy, 100m sprint (you will do sprint on the last 100m of your 600 meter run)

100m walk, 100m sprint

300 m easy

Rest 2:00 minute

2x (200m fast w/:20 seconds rest b/t reps)

Rest 2:00 minutes

300m moderate.

1800 meters total.


Workout Detail:

This has lots of various paces and sprints. Work through each capacity and hit the paces accordingly. Focus on your fast paces with the 200 meter runs.

Your Score:

Total time. The total distance is 5200 meters (3.16 miles)

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