WODS for the Week of 7.21.2019

Crossfit Springfield Endurance Class 2019………Awesome!

Just shouting to our amazing athletes and wanted to recognize those peeps who come out and seriously kick some butt on the backlot. We appreciate you and your efforts. Take a look at some of our amazing classes with some pics from the past few months. Looking forward to a great finish to the year.


WODS for the Week of 7.21.19

Short Interval 7.22.19 (Monday @5:30 pm)

moderate day problems

2 Rounds:

Run 200m – Moderate

100m Recovery Jog

Run 400m – Moderate

200m Recovery Jog

600m Moderate

300m Recovery Jog

Run 100m Fast.

Rest 2:00 minutes then Repeat.

Total: 3800 meters

Score: Total Time (including rest)

Goal: As always – do not mess up paces to improve score. Aim to push the 100m runs. Go SLOW on the recovery jogs. Aim to make the Round 1 time and Round 2 time the same.

Long Interval 7.25.19 (Thursday @5:30 pm)

high noon

Run 1200 m – Easy

Rest 2:00 minutes

Run 1200 m – Moderate

Rest 2:minutes

Run 1200 m Easy

Rest 2:00 minutes

Straight Into

6 Rounds

Sprint 100m

Rest :30 seconds

Total: 4200 meters

Score: Total Time (including rest)

Goal: Keep the EASY sections Easy. Moderate 1200 meters should be faster than the other 2. Push pace on the sprints but aim to make all of them the same pace.

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